Posted by Peter Roaf on Dec 05, 2017
More children are being affected by chronic diseases previously only seen in adults. How can that be? Can it be the result of urbanization, modernization and technology, globalization of food markets? As threats to our health increase, we are well aware of the growing burden on our health system: long waits for surgery and treatment; cuts in clinical programs; increase in hospital admissions for seniors falls; and more. The Healthier Community Partnership Initiative (HCP) is Fraser Health’s commitment to working with municipalities and various sectors to build healthier communities by way of a pro-active, preventative approach that takes into account the underlying causes of disease.
Sepia Sharma, Community Health Specialist
Fraser Health
Sepia Sharma is thanked by President Ulf Ottho and
Elena Murgoci
Sepia Sharma, Community Health Specialist Fraser Health, says we all have a role to play in creating healthier communities.
80% of heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes and 40% of cancers globally could be prevented by one or all of the following actions:
eating healthy, getting more active, quit smoking, addressing obesity, and using alcohol more responsibly
Healthier Community Partnerships Strategies:
•Healthy Eating/Food Security
•Physical Activity
•Tobacco Reduction
•Mental Health & Substance Use
Here are some examples of how Fraser Health's Healthier Community Partnership Initiative has worked with the community of Delta.
► In Delta worked with Parks & Recreation on the new smoking bylaw and provided $5,000 to the City of Delta for their smoke free signs. Launched a year-long Delta Smoke Free campaign that promoted services to support quit smoking. The campaign included workshops for service providers/employers as well as the general public on smoking cessation.
  • ► Worked with the city and school district to deliver workshops, attended by 80 people, on Naloxone/Harm Reduction training with service providers and general public.
  • ► Produced two seniors' health fairs, in collaboration with the City of Delta, hosted by six health professionals to respond to seniors' health-related questions.
  • ► Also for seniors, promoted services like 811 through the seniors' centres and have had several fall prevention mobile clinics.