Posted by Peter Roaf on Jul 11, 2017

Throughout British Columbia there are families who cannot meet the needs of their children for various reasons. Those 4,000 children are living under the care of foster parents. There are 2,000 foster parents who offer themselves, their families and their homes to provide skilled and caring service for those children and their families, from emergency, short term care to intensive therapeutic care. More are needed. Fostering can be challenging, demanding and frustrating, but is described as the “hardest job you’ll ever love”.

The BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations is a provincial organization for foster parents and governed by foster parent representation from all areas of the province. It is a registered non-profit charity which aims to bring together foster parents, social workers and other stakeholders who are working to improve the standard of care for children in BC. 
Foster Parent volunteer Tamara Smith
explains the value and need of foster parenting
Anita Cymet and Tamara Smith are thanked
by President Ulf Ottho (left) and Irene Forcier (right)