Hives for Humanity connects people to nature, community and themselves through bees.
Bee populations are constantly threatened and so our food production
Flowers throughout downtown Vancouver, including Cathedral Square Park, support bees
Bee keeping and honey production provide a sense of fulfillment for those living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside
Building bee hives is an important part of the program
Hives for Humanity produces honey and other bee products in its local, sustainable economy of people and pollinators
Julia Common, of Hives for Humanity, speaks to Rotary Ladner members
Through mentorship based programming Hives for Humanity creates flexible opportunities for people to engage in the therapeutic culture that surrounds the hive.
It fosters connectivity to nature and to each other and participates in local sustainable economies.
It also supports at-risk populations of people and pollinators, and we do so with respect and joy.