Elena Agala (left), of the Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club, and President Bridget Jacob, of the Ladner Rotary Club, finish sorting soccer and sports shirts destined for The Philippines, in a shipping container along with used medical and dental equipment, donated through Rotary World Help, based in Coquitlam, BC.
Thanks to Ladner Rotarian Mike Storey, many sports
shirts were organized for the shipment
Ladner Rotarian Ulf Ottho and Bridget Jac9b stand
near a palette loaded with supplies for the shipment
Members from both of the sponsoring clubs and other clubs in the Lower Mainland loaded the shipping container on October 12 at the Rotary World Help warehouse on the Riverview H9spital in Coquitlam. 
The container was filled with medical and dental treatment and diagnostic equipment, hospital beds and mattresses and wheelchairs but additional contributions by the two sponsoring clubs included books to fill two elementary school libraries, computers, keyboards, mice etc. to be used with the ARES servers, for which the two clubs are raising funds to bring terabytes of world knowledge to classrooms in remote communities where there is no internet.