Posted by Peter Roaf on Jan 23, 2018
The way of thinking among societies throughout the world tend to be dominated by one of three "ancestral world-views" according to international development expert, Dale Albertson: Fear & Power; Shame & Honour; Wrong & Right. Societies function with all three world-views, but tend to give priority to one of them, reducing one aspect (eg fear) and increasing the other (eg power). Our "Wrong & Right" legal view of the world cannot be imposed on other societies which have a different predominant world-view in international development, peacebuilding and so on.
Former business manager, Dale Albertson has been an international non-profit manager for almost 20 years. He is Executive Director of African Canadian Continuing Education Society and spends considerable time in Kenya. For four years he was Chair of the BC Provincial Council for International Cooperation. He has worked on the Complementary Appeal Process for the United Nations in Uganda, coordinating HIV/AIDS responses throughout the country. He has also worked in post-genocide Rwanda with Child-Headed Households.
The African Canadian Continuing Education Society has been helping young Kenyans obtain the skills and education needed to benefit themselves and their society through: post-secondary scholarships; secondary scholarships; primary schools; health, gender and HIV/AIDS awareness; and small business and agricultural training.
Patricia Sibley, who has visited African countries on many occasions for international development, and President Ulf Ottho, thank Dale Albertson, centre.