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Ladner (Delta)
Ladner Community Centre

This will be our 15th year providing a traditional Christmas Dinner for the mentally handicapped adults & their immediate families who belong to the Weekend Family & Peer Support Group in Delta. Thanks goes to past Ladner Rotarian Thom Wright for introducing this project to our club in 2005. Thom was only with our club for a short while, but his involvement with the Delta Branch of CMHA led to our club providing this annual Christmas Dinner which is much appreciated by both attendees and volunteers.

Our Weekend Family & Peer Support Group Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday December 14 at Ladner Community Centre.   You are encouraged to bring your family and friends to help with this event.

This year, we have (5) volunteers to roast & carve a turkey at home and bring to the event at 4:30 PM and we have (3) volunteers to each make a salad.

But we still need more volunteers for picking up & returning the rental dishes, and more volunteers are needed for the "day of the event" on Sat Dec 14 to help with serving, etc.  Shopping lists, recipes and all the details you need will be provided to you soon as you volunteer for either the roast turkey or the salad.  Each of the (8) volunteers will purchase the supplies they need from the list and then you need to bring in your receipts for reimburssement. 

And of course, lots of volunteers are needed for picking up rental dishes, food & supplies, prepping & cooking veggies, prepping salads, set up of the hall, serving food, clean up, return of rental dishes.  This is a hands on project that the whole club can be involved in.  Friends & family welcome to join in and help with the following:

Sat Dec 14 & Tues Dec 17: Pick up & return of rental dishes

Sat Dec 14: 1 PM (4) persons needed to help peel veggies; 4:15 PM (4) persons needed to help prepare salads & make coffee. 4:15 PM (4) volunteers need to set up serving tables, set up chafing dishes with boiling water, set up plates, prep utensils in napkins. 5:30 PM (8) volunteers needed to move food from kitchen to buffet area. 5:45 PM (16) volunteers needed for serving plus volunteers needed to refill chafing dishes. 6:45 PM Lots of volunteers needed to clean buffet serving area, clean off tables & rinse dishes & utensils, serve coffee & final clean up

Let me know if you have a preference for a volunteer position or better yet, just volunteer and let me assign you a task.