Jun 02, 2023
Nell-e Medina
Sound Therapy

My Story
Although I’ve been teaching and practicing Yoga for over 20 years, I’ve only started exploring the paths of Yoga at the end of 2020. I did my 200 hr teacher training to certify and formally begin teaching. I subsequently attended a 300 hr training in Peru in August 2022.

In 2015, I began to question my understanding of life and our purpose in the world and the suffering that I experienced when my brother-in-law was diagnosed and then died of cancer. During that time, I remembered all the loved ones I believed I’ve lost in the past and every time these memories and emotions come up, I suffer. I looked for answers, and that’s when I was met with the rich teachings of the Buddha in the Mahayana, Theravada, Buddhayana and Zen traditions. I searched for a sangha (community) around me to guide me throughout the learning and practicing processes. I practice sitting meditation, walking meditation, mantras and mindfulness in everything I do because of the happiness and contentment it brings to my mind and body and for the overwhelming love that I have, which I can only share with all beings around me.

Because of my journey searching for wisdom, I believe I developed a deeper understanding of different faiths by transcending words and concepts and looking deeper into the truth, the root and the source.
Additionally, one of the many ways of tapping into the conscious mind that I’m currently practicing is healing through harnessing energy around us. I’m a Reiki practitioner with an understanding of trauma within the context of core root teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Taptic Shaivism, consciousness studies, energy medicine and somatic and mindfulness-based practices. I’m still in the process of exploring these avenues of healing, as part of my aspirations to provide guidance to my family and loved ones and those who suffer. My mother was one of my favorite clients. She battled with gastric cancer from the beginning of August 2022 until October 16, 2022 when she transitioned. She is still my inspiration, her spirit will always guide me throughout my lifelong journey.

I am also a Somatic Sound Practitioner and a Sound Ceremonialist providing mindful sound meditations, sound baths, sound massages, sound ceremonies, song ceremonies, vocal coaching and exercises, combining all the practices and self-care tools with energy healing, Yoga and mindfulness
I’m also an aspiring talent in the visual arts such as photography, videography, drawing and painting. I love storytelling, specifically telling stories about kindness. I obtained my certificate in whole food plant-based nutrition so that I can continue to expand my knowledge and share what I've learned on the benefits of whole food plant-based diet in our well-being to a lot of people.