Check here for members' thought about why each belongs to Portersville-Prospect Rotary.
Jim Butler
Judy has been after me for years; she has been relentless. Last fall she convinced me to join in the Turkey Round-up collecting money at the corner store in Prospect, and I really enjoyed it. Giving back to the community has always been important to me; that’s why I am the mayor for free. This club is a really great group, and I am honored and proud to become a part of it. 
Judy Raisley
Rotary seemed like the final finger in the glove for me: God, family, funeral profession, friends, and Rotary. Rotary’s motto “service above self” seemed the right organization to belong to. I was one of the first women in our local Rotary club, joining in 1988. I have served as president (’92-’93) and now take the lead on fundraisers for the club. I feel our Rotary club members are more of a family than just a club; we support each other and our communities. 
Dana Opp
I love serving my community.  As a pastor I am wired to serve anyway, but Rotary allows me to serve people outside of my church family specifically.  I also love the fellowship I share with other community leaders.  After many years in the church I can say fellowship blossoms best when accompanied by purpose.  Even though I've enjoyed my two stints as president 2003-04 and 2011-12), I really enjoy being treasurer.  I love to give out the money as well as deposit it!
Kathy Harmon
In one word, Community is why I Rotary.  Community awareness, care, and promotion are ideals that allow for the individual and the collective majority to thrive.  By being aware of the needs around us and caring enough to address them, we can promote a better life for everyone.  And I believe when we work together we can accomplish more than each of us on our own.  So I joined a service organization.  Why Rotary?  Well, I was familiar with Rotary because I was a RYLA recipient in 2006.  Knowing the motto and the Four-Way Test, it was clear to me then that Rotarians upheld similar ideals about community.  So with the two willing and able hands and a little pocket change, I pursued Rotary as my avenue of service to the community.
Polly Shaw
I am a Rotarian because I answered the call.  My husband, Bill, joined in 1978.  At that time, women were not considered for membership and certainly not teachers when woman were later admitted.  However, for over 30 years I was a RotaryAnn and supporter. I served at the Pancake Breakfasts and the chicken BBQs.  I have baked potatoes, baked cakes, served food, washed dishes, collected money, made signs, helped Bill the four times he was president, helped organize Linda's District Conference, and whatever else I was asked to do.  It was my great honor about ten years ago when the Portersville-Prospect Rotary made me a Paul Harris Fellow, primarily for my community service as a faithful volunteer at McConnells Mill State Park.  Then two years ago, Mike V explained that Rotary International wanted to get club memberships up to avoid possible mandatory mergers of undersized clubs. So Joanne V., Carol F, and I, plus sometimes two others, formed an auxiliary or extension group whereby we joined Rotary but only met once a month and talked about some Rotary business. We did that, and it was fun.  After maybe a year we just stopped meeting for lunch and starting attending the regular meetings.  And here I am today.
Why will YOU Rotary?