Club member Becky Springer, aka Mistress of Fines, presented some intriguing trivia questions this week as Fine Master.
Kishwaukee Valley Wanderers member Brian Wallace promotes more than walking at his Rotary appearance this week.  Wallace encouraged use and support of Disc Golf at Genoa’s David Carroll Park as a way to attract and retain young adult residents and increase park attendance.
Anyone for a Game of Disc Golf?
Brian Wallace of the Kishwaukee Valley Wanderers promoted the game as the featured speaker at this week’s Rotary meeting.  Where basic golf has nine holes, disc golf has nine baskets explained Wallace.  The discs can be specialized for how they curve or float and many of the more serious players keep a bag of different discs for their use through a course.  Wallace said that although the Wanderers were organized as a walking group, they pursued getting a course set up at David Carroll Park in Genoa when they realized its popularity with younger adults.  The Wanderers sought sponsorships for each of the nine baskets and easily got community support.
Wallace said besides being a way to attract and retain more youthful residents, they found out it increased attendance at the park with a sport that can be fun for all age groups.  The skillset of local participants is quickly increasing.  Wallace said one of their women participants has become an amateur national winner.
Wallace said there has been recent communication with the DeKalb County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau about expanding Disc Golf to other sites.  He said it costs about $1,000 to sponsor a disc golf basket.  For more information or to learn how to be a course sponsor, contact the Kishwaukee Valley Wanderers by email at
Not Too Late to Sign Up for 6/19 Golf Outing!
Following is the link to the golf sign up (or people can just email me directly at
Famous Birthdays This Week
June 10, 1922 – Internationally acclaimed film star and singer Judy Garland is born in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.
June 12, 1924 – 41st U.S. President George H. W. Bush is born in Milton, Massachusetts.  Prior to assuming the presidency in 1989, Bush served as Vice President under Ronald Reagan and the Director of the CIA under Gerald Ford.
June 13, 1903 – “The Galloping Ghost”, Harold “Red” Grange, is born in Forksville, Pennsylvania.  The University of Illinois star earned his nickname after a memorable game against Michigan where he returned the opening kickoff for a 95-yard touchdown, scored three more touchdowns in the first 12 minutes, scored a fifth touchdown in the second half, threw a touchdown pass, and made two interceptions while playing defense.  After college he played professionally for the Chicago Bears helping legitimize the National Football League.       
June 14, 1906 – Photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White was born in New York City.  She becomes one of four original staff photographers of LIFE Magazine in 1936 and later the first woman to be an accredited war correspondent during World War II.
This Week in History
June 11, 1994 – After 49 years, the Soviet military occupation of East Germany ended.
June 14, 1834 – Isaac Fischer Jr., of Springfield, Vermont, is granted a patent for the mass production of sandpaper.
June 14, 1922 – Warren G. Harding becomes the first U. S. President to broadcast a message over the radio.  The event was the dedication of the Francis Scott Key Memorial in Baltimore.
June 15, 1215 – King John set his seal to the Magna Carta guaranteeing certain rights of liberty.  It becomes the foundation of modern democracies around the world.
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