Did you know Tootsie Rolls were the most popular candy in WWII? Soldiers found they could survive any weather?  Despite Fine Master Paulette's attempt to stump everybody with her clever questions about candy, Pat Shafer knew this fact!
American Red Cross volunteers Charlie Sharp (above) and James Stuart (below) spoke to club members this week about the organization's positive impact on residents of Sycamore, DeKalb, and beyond.
Red Cross Provides More Local Services Than We May Realize
Red Cross Volunteer Charlie Sharp is a lifetime Sycamore resident and talked passionately about his experience on the scene of the tragic St. Albans fire that left 120 people displaced in 2019. As soon as he heard about the fire, he rushed to the scene and saw the firefighters battling the blaze and residents standing in the parking lot at Southeast Elementary School across the street. He immediately called his regional office in Chicago and the Sycamore School District Superintendent at the time, Kathy Countryman, and they got to work helping the firefighters and families. Members of the Red Cross provided the firefighters with drinks and essentials while Superintendent Countryman opened the school and allowed the Red Cross to set up emergency shelter. He says many people think of the Red Cross as emergency disaster relief for natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. However, he wants us all to know that local emergencies such as apartment fires get the same degree of relief. The Red Cross also helped residents of the recent apartment fire in DeKalb on Kimberly Drive along with Family Service Agency. Charlie says one of the FSA workers recognized him on the scene because she was displaced from St. Albans and she is happy to be able to give back.
James Stuart joined the presentation as well, telling his story as a Service Armed Forces Regional Program Specialist. He has served military troops around the world as a volunteer of the Red Cross. At one time he was responsible for 450 service members. The Red Cross has a permanent office staffed with employees at every military base. In WWII, they provided coffee and donuts to military members as a treat in Poznań, Poland. The Red Cross also provides emergency communications to commanding officers when a family member falls ill or passes away back in the States. 
Charlie also wanted to bring attention to the fact that they install free fire detectors for anyone who asks for them. There are no pre-qualifications or income requirements. (I can vouch for the fire detectors, which Charlie installed in my house in 2017. They are still going strong, thanks to their 10-year batteries.)
Red Cross services include:
1. Disaster response, (clean water, safe shelter, hot meals
2. Training (CPR, first aid, life support, babysitting and more)
3. Military and veterans support (reintegration, veterans services and more)
4. International support (120 million people outside of U.S. benefit each year)
5. Blood services (40% of the blood supply is provided by Red Cross and its 2.3 million volunteers)
The Red Cross also provides financial assistance to qualifying families after crisis and has the funding to put qualified families in a hotel for up to a week after crisis. They also aid in prescription assistance, medical assistance and counseling services. They only aid in crisis help, not long term. However, they work closely with the Family Service Agency of DeKalb County for emergencies as that agency has resources to go beyond what Red Cross can offer. 
The American Red Cross has 230 chapters in the U.S. The Rockford chapter is nearest to Sycamore.
Rotarian of the Year and Golf Outing
Do You Know a Rotarian Who Embodies "Service Above Self"? 
It's time to nominate a fellow Rotarian for the prestigious Rotarian of the Year Award! 
This annual award recognizes a Rotarian within our district who truly exemplifies the  Rotary motto: "Service Above Self." 
Who are we looking for? 
A dedicated Rotarian: Someone with a history of significant contributions to our  club's mission, local community projects, and international service initiatives.
A team player: A Rotarian who actively participates in club meetings, service  projects, fundraising efforts, and fellowship activities, fostering a strong club spirit.
A leader and mentor: Someone who takes initiative, holds leadership positions,  and actively recruits new members, ensuring the future of Rotary in our  community. 
A global citizen: A Rotarian who engages with Rotary beyond the club level,  participating in district activities and international programs. 
Nomination Criteria: 
Nominees must be club members in good standing for at least one year. • Consistent attendance at club meetings is valued, but not mandatory. 
Take action! 
Reflect on who among your fellow Rotarians best embodies these qualities. Contact  Brandon Diviak for details on the nomination process and to provide your submission. I  will have paper copies for voting at our next meeting 6/5/2024! 
Let's celebrate the Rotarian who truly goes above and beyond! 
The members who have received this award in the last five years include the following and are not eligible for the award currently. 
  • Paul Callighan
  • Patrick Shafer 
  • Robert Brown 
  • Paulette Renault
  • Tim Neubert
Famous Birthdays This Week
June 2, 1904 – Five-time Olympic Gold Medalist in swimming (1924 and 1928) and actor (famous for Tarzan) Johnny Weissmuller is born in Freidorf, Austria-Hungary.
June 4, 1783 – King George III is born in London – he rules England for 60 years from 1760 to 1820, including the time of the American Revolution.
June 5, 1883 – British economist and founder of modern-day macroeconomics, John Maynard Keynes, is born in Cambridge, England. 
June 8, 1867 – Renowned “Prairie School” architect Frank Lloyd Wright is born in Richland Center, Wisconsin.
This Week in History
June 3, 1937 – The Duke of Windsor marries twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson (as King Edward VIII he abdicated the British throne the previous December to avoid a constitutional crisis by marrying a divorced woman).
June 4, 1989 – The Chinese government ordered troops to open fire on unarmed protesters in Tienanmen Square, Beijing, with an estimated 3,000 killed and 1,600 arrested.
June 5, 1783 – The first sustained flight occurred as a hot air balloon was launched at Annonay, France, by brothers Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier.
June 6, 1944 – The largest seaborne invasion in history began as Allied troops undertook the D-Day invasion of Normandy during World War II.  The operation began the liberation of France from Nazi control and laid the foundations of the Allied victory in Europe.
Birthdays & Club Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Robert Wildenradt
June 1
Jeff Keicher
June 17
Robert Brown
June 24
Christine Kalina
June 25
Join Date
Julie Sgarlata
June 6, 2012
12 years
Tasha Sims
June 7, 2023
1 year
President – Brandon Diviak
President Elect – Steve Wilder
Director (President Nominee) – Jonelle Bailey
Director (President Designee) - Becky Springer
Past President – Tim Neubert
Treasurer – Dr. Michele Jurkovic
Secretary – Sally Bruch
Sergeant at Arms – Paulette Renault
Monthly Committees
July: Board of Directors
August: Jeff Keicher, Brandon Diviak, Pat Shafer
September: Dave Hamilton, Jeff Jacobson, Jim Stoddard
October: Paul Callighan, Matt Nelson, Paul Stromborg
November: Sue Emberson, Jeff Frank, Heidi Wright
December: Paul Barnaby, Larry Berke, Riley Oncken
January: Ray Dembinski, Joyce Klein, Rob Mondi, Tim Neubert
February: Jonelle Bailey, Becky Springer, Tasha Sims
March: Chip Houdek, Brendan Wilson, Jim Buck
April: Bob Hammon, Jeff Petersen, Alicia Cosky
May: Bob Brown, Steve Kuhn
June: Steve Wilder, Paulette Renault

Standing Committees

Membership: Jonelle Bailey, Ray Dembinski, Bob Hammon, Steve Kuhn, Jeff Petersen, Bob Wildendradt, Jeff Jacobson, Brandon Diviak, Matt Nelson, Riley Oncken

Public Image: Bob Brown, Paul Callighan, Jeff Keicher, Joyce Klein, Tasha Sims

Fellowship: Paulette Renault, Pat Shafer, Sally Bruch, Sue Emberson, Dave Hamilton, Paul Barnaby, Larry Berke

Service: Brandon Diviak, Jeff Frank, Michele Jurkovic, Rob Mondi, Brendan Wilson, Heidi Wright, Alicia Cosky, Tim Neubert

Foundations: Jim Buck, Sue Emberson, Matt Nelson, Jim Stoddard, Paul Stromborg

New Generations: Chip Houdek, Julie Sgarlata, Becky Springer, Steve Wilder

Scholarships: Tim Neubert, Julie Sgarlata, Ray Dembinski, Steve Kuhn, Michele Jurkovic, Don Clayberg

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