Posted by Eric Jones on Jul 17, 2019
As the club kicks off it's 2019-2020 club year, Club President Patrick Shafer and Club Treasurer Michele Jurkovic provided their snapshot of the club's situation, the past year's financials, and budget and goals for the coming club year. President Shafer identified five primary goals for the coming year in an effort to reinvigorate the membership and grow the club:
  1. More Involvement in Committees
  2. More Active Participation
  3. Increase Weekly Attendance
  4. Increased Membership / After Hours Mixers
  5. Ideas for Large Impact in DeKalb County
As a part of Michele's presentation, the club dues were held at last year's levels with decreased levels of spending on the exchange program (due to the elimination of a long term exchange student this year) and lowered levels of giving to a variety of charities. In order to resume or increase the club's giving, fundraisers must be improved  or club dues must be raised.
Social events were a focus and the club will host its first mixer of the year tomorrow at The Forge of Sycamore with the club providing pizza and appetizers while members and guests mingle.