Luca-Sophie Giese has taken the many people she's met in Sycamore into her heart -- the friends she's made at Sycamore High School, and the people she's gotten to know through the Rotary Club -- during her time as an exchange student.

But that time has come to an abrupt end.

For personal reasons, Luca has decided to cut short her stay in Sycamore and return home to Germany; she thanked the many Rotarians and fellow students who have shown her around the town and the region, and appreciates everything she's learned during her stay with us.

Luca's exchange with us is hardly her first trip to the United States, let alone abroad; her family has traveled to several locations around the world, and she has participated in several previous short-term exchanges to the U.S. and several locations in Europe. But she says the time has come for her to return home, and she plans on reconnecting with her loved ones and with the many friends she has back in Germany.