Committee Assignments 2020-21
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Roles 2020-2021
Board of Directors, 2020-2021
President – Michael DeVito II
President-Elect – Paulette Renault
Past President – Pat Schafer
Secretary – Sally Bruch
Treasurer – Michele Jurkovic
Director – Brandon Diviak
Director – Tim Neubert
Sergeant-at-Arms – Robert Brown
Monthly Committees
July: Board of Directors
August: Jim Buck, Dave McCann, Bob Wildenradt, Don Clayberg
September: Brandon Diviak, Paul Michel, Jeff Jacobson, Carl Beekman, Lavarre Uhlken
October: Beata Palasiewicz, Dave Andrews, Curtis Lang, Marcy Buick, Jim Schwarzbach
November: Sue Emberson, Julie Sgarlata, Fred Peltz, Chip Houdek, Troy Oates
December: Dan Gibble, Paul Loner, Dan O’Connell, Joyce Klein
January: Paul Barnaby, Jim Bowers, Heidi Wright
February: Kathy Countryman, Riley Oncken, Steve Wilder, Ahmed Kamel, Larry Berke, Tim Carlson
March: Dave Hamilton, Jeff Petersen, Doug Johnson, Robert Brown, Ray Dembinski
April: Bob Hammon, Paulette Renault, Chase Goodeill, Paul Callighan, Karen Weckerly
May: Mark Speigelhoff, Jeff Frank, Cliff Bottigliero, Renae Wilkinson
June: Marijo Schwartz, Paul Stromborg, Jeff Keicher, Steve Kuhn, Tom Mangan, Jim Stoddard, Pat Schafer
New Generations
Chair: Julie Sgarlata
At-Large Committee Members: Kathy Countryman, Eric Jones, Don Clayberg, Tim Neubert
Sycamore H.S. Interact: Jeff Jacobson
Sycamore M.S. Interact: Julie Sgarlata
South Prairie EarlyAct: Julie Sgarlata
North Grove EarlyAct:  Michael DeVito
Long/Short Term Youth Exchange: Chip Houdek, Tim Carlson, Jeff Jacobson, Fred Peltz, Mark Spiegelhoff
Group Study Exchange: Jim Stoddard
RYLA: Jeff Jacobson
Student of the Month: Steve Balster
Rotaract: Michael DeVito
Foundations & Grants
Chair: Paul Stromborg
At-Large Committee Members: Don Clayberg, Bob Hammon
Polio Plus: Paul Stromborg, Curtis Lang
Annual Giving/Foundation: Jim Stoddard, Jim Buck, Jim Bowers, Riley Oncken, Paul Callighan
Scholarships: Tim Neubert, Ray Dembinski, Michele Jurkovic, Don Clayberg, Steve Kuhn, Pete Johnson (Honorary Chair)
Service Above Self and Service Projects
Chair: Jeff Jacobson
Meals on Wheels (August): Curtis Lang, Mark Spiegelhoff
Rotary Reader/Dictionary Distribution (September):Mark Spiegelhoff, Michael DeVito, Steve Wilder
Pancake Breakfast (October): Brandon Diviak, Dave McCann, Marcy Buick, Marijo Schwartz, Michele Jurkovic, Paulette Renault, Michael DeVito, Fred Peltz, Jeff Petersen
Pumpkin Fest Merchandise Sales (October): Paulette Renault, Pat Schafer
Feed My Starving Children (November): Heidi Wright, Jeff Frank, Eric Jones, Paul Stromborg, Marijo Schwartz
Salvation Army Bell-Ringing (December): Dave Andrews, Steve Wilder
Operation Warm (December):  Karen Weckerly, Michael DeVito, Beata Palasiewicz
Adopt a Family (December): Heidi Wright, Steve Wilder, Sue Emberson, Riley Oncken, Marijo Schwartz
Spartan Food Pantry (April):  Beata Palasiewicz
Public Image and Awareness
Chair: Eric Jones
Website: Eric Jones, Paul Barnaby
The Spoke: Tim Neubert, Paul Callighan, Robert Brown
Public Image Campaign & Social Media: Tim Neubert, Paulette Renault, Paul Callighan, Fred Peltz, Robert Brown
Sergeant at Arms: Monthly Program Committee
IT/Audio-Visual: Eric Jones
Club Fellowship
Chair: Paulette Renault
Fines: Riley Oncken, Paul Callighan, Marijo Schwartz, Jeff Jacobson, Jim Bowers, Paulette Renault
100% Attendance (August): Sally Bruch, Jim Buck
Holiday Party (December): Paulette Renault, Dave Hamilton, Julie Sgarlata, Tim Neubert, Renae Wilkinson
Rural-Urban Day (February): Bob Wildenradt, Larry Berke
Hoola-for-Loota/Grand Re-Opening (October): Eric Jones, Jeff Jacobson, Julie Sgarlata, Jim Bowers, Riley Oncken
Hoola-for-Loota (April): Eric Jones, Jeff Jacobson, Julie Sgarlata, Jim Bowers, Riley Oncken
Golf Outing (June): Sue Emberson, Dan O’Connell, Joyce Klein, Pat Schafer, Paulette Renault
Steak Fry (October):  Paulette Renault, Paul Callighan, Paul Loner, Pat Schafer
Chair: Sally Bruch
Recruitment: All members are expected to bring at least one prospective member as a guest
New & Prospective Member Recruitment & Orientation: Bob Hammon, Ray Dembinski, Brandon Diviak, Tim Neubert
Member Retention: Jim Stoddard, Bob Wildenradt, Larry Berke