Our guest speaker was Mark Finnegan from VetsRoll. He was on hand to explain what VetsRoll does and to accept a donation from Loves Park Rotary, the result of a recent fundraiser by the club. In the photo Mark receives from President Dave Smith one of the flag kits used in the fundraiser. The organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) started in 2010 to provide closure, gratitude & respect for WWII, Korea & Veterans through 12/31/66 and Rosie-the-Riveters. Mark’s family has a long history of serving their country and they felt this was an important way to honor our country’s heroes. The trip in May of 2020 will mark the 11th annual trip provided at no cost to the Vets to visit memorials in Washington, D.C. This trip will mark the 2200th vet being honored, including Major William White from California, believed at 104 to be the oldest surviving officer (he served at Iwo Jima). They will utilized 10 Badger coaches from Madison with over 170 assistants and medical staff and the four-day trip will cost in excess of $400,000. Videos of their procession complete with escorts and grateful spectators lining the route are truly inspiring and uplifting. For more information or to make a donation, visit VetsRoll.org or call 800-383-CAMP. Thank you Mark and everyone at VetsRoll for helping us honor our Vets.