Posted on Oct 29, 2019

Our guest speaker was long time fire fighter and new department chief for the last 15 months in Loves Park, Jerry Wiltfang. He spent a few years in New Milford and Colorado and 31 years in Rockford. He has taught about hazardous materials including weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Poland, and all over the United States. Funding can be a challenge since they are a city department and not a separate taxing body. The fire department shares funds with the Mayor’s department and city staff and other departments like police and water. In the last 15 months, they have moved from an all-volunteer department to a combination of volunteers and day time staffing. There are many reasons for the change but one Jerry is especially happy with is improved response time, from an average of 18-20 minutes or as long as 30 minutes, to an average of just over six minutes. Some of his priorities going forward are to continue improving and modernizing equipment and plant facilities. Thanks for visiting, Jerry, and keep up the good work!