Posted on Oct 16, 2019
Our guest speaker was Loves Park Chief of Police, Chuck Lynde.  Per our request, he addressed a couple hot topics:  legalization of Cannabis in Illinois and the subject of "Real ID's".  Chief said 33 states have medical marijuana but 11 states, including Illinois, now also allow recreational use of cannabis.  This has created additional issues for law enforcement as states allowing recreational use have seen an increase in crime as well as traffic accidents, although proving a causal effect can be difficult.
Illinois will also start requiring a "real ID" as of October 1, 2020.  These can be issued by the local DMV as long as the resident provides the proper documentation, although the real ID is not automatic when renewing your driver's license.  Essentially, you will need to make an appointment with the local DMV before the deadline if you wish to fly and don't have a passport.  They will require proof of identity, proof of your social security number and proof of residency.  There is a fee for the license. Thanks Chief, for this good information.