Posted on Jul 30, 2019

We were visited by Diana Swanson and Thalia from Jane Adeny Memorial School (JAMS). This school in Kenya, was founded by Drs. Teresa Wasonga and Andrew Otieno, professors from NIU. Their motto is “Good enough for the richest, open to the poorest”. It is a school for impoverished or orphan girls founded to provide education for them they might not otherwise receive. High schools in Kenya are not free and often if a family is able to send a child to school, the boys are favored. JAMS’ goal is to provide scholarships so these girls can receive the education they desperately want, food, bedding and sanitary supplies while living on campus. 12 students graduated in 2011, but 145 graduated in 2018. JAMS students scores on their graduation exams placed third in the district and seventh out of 144 in Kenya. They grow food on campus and take advantage of solar power to help with economic sustainability. Thank you Diana and Thalia for visiting and volunteering in this important endeavor.