Posted on Aug 20, 2019

Our first host family appreciation night was held with 15 guests in attendance, including Dave’s son & daughter, brother Michael Francis & Dr. Michelle Mueller. They shared some of their experiences growing up as a host family. Dave and his wife, Betty, hosted an exchange student every year since 1974. The one year they thought they would take a break, according to Dr. Michelle, they ended up taking in a Spanish student who had problems with his host family. As a result of his experiences hosting students, brother Michael Francis developed a love of the Japanese culture which exists to this day. Dr. Michelle visited Finland as an exchange student 30 years ago and what she liked most was they way the host families treated her like family. Ciara and Ginger presented all our host families, including our current host family Scott & Jennifer Williamson, with a rose in appreciation of all they do for our students. Dave expressed the desire that this could possibly become an annual event.