Bay City Noon Rotary Club #6310 
The New Rotary Breezes, Issue #2, 7-9-19
Salutations & well wishes fellow Rotarians,
Here are the highlights from our 7-9-19 noon Rotary Club meeting.
Highlights from Our July Board Meeting
President Tara Welch presented the board with a Rotary calendar showing the activities during each of the 12 months of the Rotary year for our club and membership and giving goals.
Scheduling of the District Governor visit is being planned for August. Volunteers are needed for planning the Rotary Picnic/Social for August.
Tara also indicated she would like to encourage quarterly giving to the Foundation to make it easier for members to give.
Tara then presented an application from Angela Street. After discussion Street was approved for membership after her name is read twice to the club.
President nominee Paul Wiese requested a meeting be scheduled for ClubRunner training. Tara responded that the Foundation Minute at the club meeting would be replaced with a ClubRunner Minute, during which Tara will give training on the ClubRunner program.
Paul also indicated that the club was short on programming for the coming months. If you or someone you know would be interested in speaking at one of our upcoming meetings please contact Paul.
Lindsay Richardson presented her goals for the membership committee for the coming year. Each person will have a role as it relates to four areas: orientation, new member services, engagement, and sponsor services. 

Tara added that she would like to form a volunteer service committee and social committee as well.
Highlights from Our Regular Meeting
During Rotary announcements Tim Holsworth briefly told the club that although final numbers weren't tallied from the recent Golf Outing, preliminary indications were looking very promising.
Yours truly also addressed the club in reference to my progress on the new newsletter. I explained the newsletter was finished, but had to meet with Tara before the meeting to fix a small issue I was having. I promised that the newsletter from the previous week would be sent out that night (which it was with help from Tara), and that all future newsletters would be sent out in a more timely manner. My goal is to have it sent out be each Friday if not sooner.
On a side note, the newsletter will be called The New Rotary Breezes from this point forward in an effort to both keep with tradition and to showcase it as a new entity.
Nancy Greve addressed the club and thanked those that volunteered for the V.I.P. tents during The Tall Ship Celebration. She explained that volunteers would receive their t-shirts when they showed up for the shift, and that they would receive an email before the event. 
John Dee Coulter Speaks to the Club About Amateur Radio
Brenda Scramblin introduced this week's guest speaker John Dee Coulter. After a lengthy introduction explaining John's life accomplishments and current position as a member of the Bay Area Amateur Radio Club, Brenda passed the mic to John.
John detailed the history of amateur radio as well as it's future. He explained that amateur radio operators were a dedicated people, but unfortunately losing numbers since the invention of the cell phone.
John discussed several other topics during his presentation including: cost (approximately $50 for equipment to get started plus licence and text books), that AR operators work closely with emergency services and law enforcement during local and national crisis, how AR works, the types of equipment used, how far it can reach, and more.
He ended his presentation by answering several questions from club members.
Other News
Our club meeting would be offsite on July 30th, 2019 at the Marriott, and September 17th at a location yet to be determined. There will be no club meeting on December 24th and 31st, 2019, due to the holidays.
Lastly, just a couple of reminders. Invoices for club dues have been sent out via email to all active club members. If you haven't paid yet please do so soon. Also, lunch is now $13 if you haven't prepaid. 
And with that my fellow Rotarians the second issue of The New Rotary Breezes draws to a close. This is still a learning process, so if you noticed any mistakes or have any suggestions please feel free to email me or speak to me at any of our meetings. All input is most welcome!! 
Have a wonderful week!! :)
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Russell Hampton
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