Sep 30, 2019
Thomas H. Fehring, P.E.
Magnificent Machines

The Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee tells the story of innovation and enterprise creation in Milwaukee during the Century of Progress—the hundred years following the US Civil War. It was a remarkable era—Milwaukee was one of the principal centers of industrial innovation in the United States and became known as “the Machine Shop of the World.”  
As the name of the book implies, the book features the incredible machines built in the Milwaukee area during this period. In the process, it highlights the innovators who created these machines and summarizes the history of the numerous companies that helped the greater Milwaukee area achieve prominence in industrial design and manufacturing.  
In telling the story of Milwaukee’s industrial history, the book summarizes individual stories of over seventy early Milwaukee-area companies and discusses the significant machines designed by their engineers. Richly illustrated, the book contains hundreds of photographs and drawings to help tell the story of industrial Milwaukee.  

Thomas Fehring, history and heritage chairman for the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, wrote the book. It is available for sale at the Milwaukee County Historical Society, and through and

As noted by John Gurda, Milwaukee writer and historian, “Until the Magnificent Machines of Milwaukee, the stories of these innovations and the men behind them had been told largely in fragmentary fashion—an article here, a scholarly reference there. Tom Fehring has assembled the entire cast of characters in a single book that is a testament to talent, an ode to ingenuity, and a singular contribution to the history of American industry.”

Suggested Price: Printed book (448 pages-8.5x11 format) $23.99