Rotary Meeting Notes 07_27_15

We opened with prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Rotary 4-Way Test.

President’s Report

Jeff M invited verbal reports from those members helping plan the Round Up. 

Keith P presented the revised live auction items listing, which will be printed up by Minuteman Press for use at Round Up. Jordan reminded the group that there would be a Round Up Steering Committee meeting today after our regular Rotary meeting.

Sergeant at Arms

Rotary Trivia: Who started Rotary? Paul Harris

Where was the first Rotary meeting held? Chicago 

When did it start? 1905

Local Rotary trivia per Jim W: we once owned a gavel crafted with wood from Paul Harris’ home, but this special gavel was lost in the White Oaks fire.

Proud Bucks

Jim W’s grandson Christopher Weis (of California) recently crewed a series of 3-man sailboats in a sailing course regulated according to International Sailing rules. Thirty-six competitive sailors came from New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, and Christopher placed third.

Dave G’s daughter Amy got married this past Saturday.

Julie C (guest) briefly described our Central States Rotary Youth Exchange program. She recently attended a weekend Exchange meeting in Grand Rapids, and it turns out we have a very well-run exchange program. There are scholarships available for students wishing to go outbound, and we are reminded that shorter summer exchanges are available.

Dave T’s son, David, was discharged from the US Army in May. He is currently attending MSOE and is expecting his 1st baby in November. Dave is proud of the recent award David received for Meritorious Service.

Shad B’s brother Bob Brannen (FL) is happy that his daughter will be getting married in November; she also just joined her local (Lake Mary) Rotary.

Art Naber is proud of our local youth who will be exhibiting at Racine County Fair, which opens on Wednesday. Fair Livestock auction will be held on Saturday; Sunday at noon is the Fur and Feather auction. Art invites all to come out and support our youth.

Jon S recognizes his 12th anniversary last Monday.

Guests: Karen White, Rotary District Governor and Julie Craig, District Governor-Elect.

Program Rotary District Governor Karen White addressed our club. She tells us that it is an honor to serve as our District Governor. “I didn’t seek it, it found me. I am here today because 14 years ago, someone asked me to join Rotary. I was new to the Plymouth area, and when I was invited to join, I was not initially sold on the whole idea.”  Karen suggests that if you have ever wondered what Rotary was all about, just try taking a look at Rotarian Magazine. “Our polio eradication program, clean water initiatives, and community improvement projects tell our Rotary story.”

Karen then provided a brief report on District governance process improvements. She stated, “I encourage our clubs to bend or break those rules which do not serve you well. Re-evaluate what is truly working, and do not allow your clubs to be held back by outdated rules or requirements. I tell all the groups in our District to review club operations, and consider how recruitment and membership retention can be improved. Consider changing your meeting structure---look at social events vs. community functions vs. business meetings. It’s tough to break old habits but if old habits stifle growth, then it’s time to reconsider. We recently celebrated charter of a new club in Mequon/Milwaukee, an ‘After Hours Rotary Club’ with a less-than-50 age requirement.” The impulse behind this club requirement is to be able to target the young professional population. “I encourage Rotaract Clubs and Interact Clubs.  We can’t afford to lose good members due to being stuffy, rigid, or always doing the same old same old,” Karen stated.

District governance is working to revamp some District Structures to make it better. There will be no Tri-Con this year.  Madison did not want to participate, and our Northern partner was not willing to spend the effort to co-chair it, so no Tri-Con will be held this year.

Karen thanks us for our time, our energy and our gifts to Rotary. “Be a Gift to the World!”

Before closing, Karen fielded a few questions from the membership and afterwards, the meeting was adjourned.

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