The Rotary Club of Houghton resumes in person Lunch Meetings!  Club meetings are held each Thursday at noon at the Bonfire Restaurant at the Continental Fire Co.  Our club celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. For over a century, members of the club have met weekly for lunch, fellowship and community service. The club will continue its work and presence in the community by meeting in person and with a virtual feed for those who are unable to attend in person.
Jack Ham, a long time Houghton Rotary member, was concerned when weekly lunch meetings were suspended in 2020 due to COVID-related restaurant closures.  He expressed concern about missing his Rotary family and how the club would continue to engage members. The Board of Directors needed to start thinking about what Houghton Rotary’s future would look like going forward.
Beginning Thursday July 1, 2021 at noon, club members will meet in person again at a lunch meal for their regular weekly meetings. “We’ve come a long way in more than a year where we were challenged by COVID-19," said club president Scott Blake, "and using technology to keep our club active was another way to move forward and keep up with a changing world.  Now are are excited and delighted to begin meeting again in person. “
I am so very proud of our club and the willingness of our members to move the club forward,” commented Ham.
Houghton Rotary welcomes visitors. If you are interested in more information about Houghton Rotary, please find us on Facebook or on the web!