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Rotary Now Coming Events
Regular Meetings:
Future meetings are planned for…
1st& 3rd Wednesday afternoon, 5:00-6:00pm
Crowe-MacKay LLP Boardroom, Landmark V, 500-1620 Dickson Ave
If you plan to attend please contact…
   or phone 250-470-9228
Special Presentations: "Speakers that Inspire" series
(More info + Promotional Posters at links on LHS)
5:00pm, Innovation Centre Theatre, 460 Doyle Ave
Thursday 28 November 2019: Linda Edgecombe, Motivational Speaker
         "Holy Crap I'm Busy! Energy & Resilience in Crazy Times"
          ***Download Linda's Bio and info page here:  Linda_Edgecombe***
Past Presentations:
Thursday 5 September 2019: Dr. Chen Feng, UBC-O Professor of Engineering
         "Hype or Hope: Rethinking Blockchain Technology"
Friday 7 June 2019:  Jim Wilson, Founder & President of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation
         "Taking a Bite out of Lyme Disease!"
         Sponsored by Touchstone Law Group LLP
Friday 8 March 2019:  Susan Doyle, V.P. Operations SFE Wineries
         "Women in the Wine Industry"
         Sponsored by Okanagan Label & Print
Friday 7 December 2018: Professor Zach Walsh (UBC), Clinical Psychologist
         "Beyond Harms: Cannabis & Public Health"
Friday 7 September 2018:  Mark Fawcett, Canadian Snowboard Olympian
          "All in Commitment!  The High-Performance Paradox"
           Sponsored by Baldface Mountain Resort
Friday 1 June 2018:  Dave Krysko, co-Founder of Disney's Club Penquin
         "The Myth of the Overnight Success!"
What is Rotary Now!??
Are you looking for a service organization that offers a connection to a diverse group of like-minded people who want to give back to the community, contributing in meaningful ways to making a difference not only in our city but anywhere there is a need?  Perhaps you are simply looking to associate with friends and colleagues that share your commitment to integrity in life and business.  Either way, this might be for you.
Rotary Now! Kelownais a new club that is forming in Kelowna, and it is different from existing Rotary options currently available in the central Okanagan.  It is NOT intended to be a replacement for current Rotarians who are members of other clubs, although it may be an interesting make-up venue for many.  It IS meant to appeal to people who cannot fit the traditional Rotary breakfast, lunch, or dinner club into their life for any reason, but who none-the-less share the values and commitment to service that we all do in Rotary.
Rotary Now! Kelowna is like other Rotary clubs in that…
  • All members are full active members of Rotary International.  Initially this will be as members of the Rotary Club of Kelowna while Rotary Now! is a satellite club (<20 members), but eventually, the goal is to charter as an independent club.
  • The club will seek out projects either locally or outside the community that speak to members and where it is determined that a real difference can be made.
  • The club will have an executive committee that is elected by members, and board as described in club bylaws.
  • The club will meet “regularly” (a minimum of 2x per month).
  • Training: Members will be encouraged to participate in training including Rotary Leadership Institute, Annual District Conference and Assembly, etc.
Rotary Now! Kelowna is different from many other clubs in that…
  • There will only be 2 “regular” business meetings per month.
  • Rotary Now! is open and interested in people with a heart for Rotary, and being too busy to attend regularly is not an issue!  This means young professionals, young families, whatever… if you have a heart for Rotary, we have a spot for you!
  • Meetings are currently 5:00-6:00 pm on the 1st& 3rdWednesday of each month (at least initially, exact day & time to be determined by members).
  • Meetings will NOT involve any meal or drink purchase, but will instead be held in a neutral venue.  Initial meetings are scheduled for the boardroom at Accelerate Okanagan (suite 201 in the Innovation Centre, 460 Doyle Ave, Kelowna).
  • Meetings will NOT generally schedule regular “presentation” talks, but may rather focus on Club business and activities.
  • There will be no Rotary traditions until and unless they are introduced and welcomed by club members.  This means no anthem, no invocation, no Sheriff or Sargent-at-Arms, no “Happy Dollars”.
  • The non-business weeks (2, 4, and 5 if there is one) will allow for “non-traditional” meetings or activities to be discussed and selected by the members.  Options may include:
    • Social meeting (Dinner? Pub? With families and/or friends).
    • Service project meeting (also with family and friends).
    • Presentation: As scheduled, NOT weekly.  The proposal is to have a quarterly topic of wide interest at the local “TEDx” theatre, market to the community.
    • Social activity meeting (monthly walk? Yoga? Bicycle ride?)
    • E-meeting:  Similar “Sister Clubs” are planned throughout the district.  Perhaps there could be a common e-meeting 1x per month?