The Rotary FoxHunt
“A community scavenger hunt supporting local causes”
What is it?
A technology-fueled adventure game, combining the best of scavenger hunt missions and amazing race style challenges. More information on the game -
Why do it?
The Rotary FoxHunt is a fun event for families, friends and office teams; to test their problem solving skills and team work while working against the clock and other teams. It is a fundraiser for JoeAnna’s House and Hands in Service, Kelowna based charities that deserve our support. The event is organized by the Rotary Club of Kelowna.
Your event registration of $55 (plus registration fee and GST) per person, gives you a $40 tax receipt for your donation to these causes.
When is it?
September  22, 2018   -   Game day information, support and registration   – 12 noon. The Rotary FoxHunt   –  ­­­­­ 90 minute challenge   -   will start at 1pm sharp.
Where is it?
The Rotary FoxHunt starts and ends at Stewart Park on Water Street (near the Bear).  It will include locations within a 6 block radius of the Park.
How to register?
Get a team together of 4 – 10 people.  Pick a team name, and plan to have fun! Register each member of your team using this link -  
Remember to include which Rotary Club you affiliate with when you register! Registration is open for 200 participants, up until the event start time.  Contact Renee with any difficulties with registration at   (778) 538 1103
Who can do it?
Everyone can participate, build your family team or an office team, individual players can be added to a team, couples, families, people looking for corporate team building. It is fun for people of all ages!!