Posted by JBK on Mar 06, 2018
Looking for the right opportunity to volunteer and step up while optimizing your time/effort?  Our Greeters Committee is for you.
Membership surveys have long hailed the efforts of the Greeter as the Face of Rotary in welcoming members and guests to the meeting.  It's a noble and respected profession that Makes a Difference to all who cross our threshold.  Besides, you are coming to the meeting anyways, what better way to greet and get to know (we're all wearing nametags at this point) all of our members and network/sweet talk/coerce everyone who comes to see you.
Please consider this your best opportunity to get involved.  Reach out to Randy McBride or James Kay to volunteer - every 4-6 weeks you get a chance to meet/greet every Rotarian and Guest.
Many thanks,