All Rochester Rotarians make a contribution to the Rotary Holiday Classic. The Rotarians and others listed below, along with the businesses and organizations who have advertised in the program, have provided additional support to the fundraising efforts of the Holiday Classic. Proceeds from this fundraiser support youth and education programs in Rochester.
2017 Rotarian Sponsors
Colin Aldis
R.D. Allan
Frank Allen
George Allen
Bari Amadio
Chad Anderson
Gail Baker
Audrey Betcher
Bill Bourne
Richard Brubaker
Peter Carryer
Elaine Case
Josef Chlachula
Borge M. Christensen
Suzie Christenson
Lynn Clarey
Betty Devine
Suzanne Dinusson
Janice Domke
Mark Dripps
Sue Dripps
Tony Enquist
Jon Ewing
Dana Funk
Jeanine Gangeness
Sara Gilliland
Alison Good
Donna Greason
Joel Haak
Mac Hamilton
David Herder
Heather Holmes
Amy Holtz
Ray Johnson
Sue F. Johnson
Sue M. Johnson
Dwight Jones
Phil Karsell
Dan Kelly
Mary Jo Kelly
Mark Kotschevar
Tamsen Leimer
Scott Lemke
Kathy Lessard
Lorie Luedke & family
Robert MacCarty
Michael Mahrer
Eric Matteson
Deb Muench
Ingrid Neel
Mark Neville
Steven Nyhus
Judith O'Fallon
Mike O'Fallon
Mark Ostrem
David Piepgras
Jane Piepgras
John Rainville
Roger Ring
Joanne Rosener
Samantha Rother
Angie Rustad
Bruce Ryan
Dan Soderberg
Terry Sorenson
Stephen Sponsel
Chuck Steidinger
Dean Stenehjem
Steve Stenhaug
Fred Suhler
Don Supalla
Lorrie Swancutt
Andrew Thilges
Paul Tieskoetter
Melody Trimble
Melanie Tschida
Bill Van Vugt
Karel Weigel
Bill Wiktor
Mary Wilder
Judi Wilson
Jen Woodford
John Woodruff