Q. What are the dates for the 2021 Rotary Holiday Classic?
A. December 28 & 98, 2021
Q. How many years has Rotary hosted the Classic?
A. This will be the 33rd year.
Q. How many teams participate?
A. 12 boys and 14 girls varsity teams
Q. Where are the games played?
A. All games will be played in two venues (Auditorium and Taylor Arena) at the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, Minnesota.
Q. What does it cost the teams to play in the tournament?
A. Nothing. We do not have a registration fee for teams. Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field - Mayo Clinic Area and Home 2 Suites are providing our 2021 hotel rooms at a low cost which Rotary pays.
Q. How many Rotarians work on this tournament?
A. Nearly 150 club members and friends and family members of Rotarians help in one way or another. All three Rochester Rotary clubs participate in the Holiday Classic. The three clubs have about 200 members.
Q. What are the ticket prices?
A.  Adult Tournament Pass $25
     Student Tournament Pass $10
     Adult Day Pass $15
     Student Day Pass $5