Rotary Tree Planting Challenge
In an earlier discussion, the idea of a Rotary Tree Planting Challenge took root. You may recall that Ian Riseley, RI President, set a goal for clubs to focus on the environment. The challenge to all Rotary clubs worldwide - to plant a tree for each Rotarian in their club. His hope is that the result of the effort will be far greater than the environmental benefit that the 1.2 million new trees will bring. Riseley said. “I believe the greater result will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility not only to the people on our planet, but to the planet itself.”
To meet this challenge, the three Rochester Rotary Clubs decided to embark on a joint project to plant 300+ trees in the Rochester area. We are going to accomplish this task through a partnership with RNeighbors, in cooperation with the Forester and citizen foresters, in the 2018 tree planting efforts. This bi-annual event (spring and fall) is a community-wide tree planting service day. Over 200 trees are planted during this project. In addition (and to reach our 300 tree goal) we are partnering with the Quarry Hill Nature Center and the city of Rochester Forestry Services to plant 200 tree saplings.

There will be two tree planting events. There will be two tree planting events. The first event will be Monday, April 23, 5-7 pm at Bear Creek Park Shelter Area (1237 Marion Rd SE), and the second event will be SaturdayApril 28, 8:30-11:30 am in Apple Hill Neighborhood, starting on Apple Ridge Blvd SW (between Haralson & Regent Lanes). Plan to participate in one or both tree planting events.

We Need Your Support! Please support the Rotary Tree Planting Challenge in one or both of the following ways.
  • Volunteer:  Sign up here. Volunteers are needed to dig holes and plant trees. Volunteers can be Rotarians, families and friends.Everyone is welcome. So, take this opportunity to include your family, bring friends and consider bringing someone who just might be the next Rotarian in your club. We’ll need a lot of volunteers. There will be a sign-up to help us coordinate the volunteer effort. You can sign up for one or both. 
  • Donations:  The Rotary Clubs of Rochester are a major sponsor for this event. That means we’ll need to raise donations to cover our share of the tree cost. The goal is $1,000 amongst the three clubs. We hope all Rotarians will contribute to this worthy cause. We also hope that many Rotarians will contribute a major gift of $25. In recognition of Rotarians contributing at the $25 level, a set of coasters of the Tree Planting Challenge with the Rotary logo will be given. These coasters not only are a thank you for supporting the Tree Planting Challenge,but they also provide an opportunity to show your colleagues and business partners that you support Rotary and Rotary’s work. The Rotary Club of Rochester Foundation will be the repository for the charitable donations.Please send your donation to TRCR at P.O. Box 7566, Rochester, MN 55903-7566. Please submit your donations by April 1st. Commemorative coaster gift will be distributed during the April club meetings to all donors giving $25 or more to the Tree Planting Challenge.