2018-19 Dues Information
The two choices regarding dues payment that will be most beneficial for the club are:
  1. Pay your dues before July 15, 2018
  2. Set up the monthly auto-pay method for paying dues (form to fill and send or form to print and send)
Why are these 2 choices beneficial for the club?
The club pays dues on your behalf to Rotary International and the District in July and January.If the club hasn’t received the dues from you in advance, the club is counting on you to in effect pay back the club.Setting up monthly auto-pay saves our Administrative Director time in processing, which means that she can devote more time to other Rotary work.And, the monthly auto-pay helps maintain cash flow for the club.
First small dues increase since 2009
You will notice a slight increase in dues this year, which is the first dues increase since 2009. The impact on individual members is small – if you take advantage of the Early Bird Discount and pay dues by cash or check, the dues increase amounts to $20 annually for members age 31+ and even less for members 30 and younger. 
The “value” of Rotary in your life
  • Monthly auto-pay dues for members 31+ years of age will be $35
  • Monthly auto-pay dues for members 26-30 will be $23
  • Monthly auto-pay dues for members 18-25 will be $12
Think of the opportunities Rotary offers for service and learning, the friendships you’ve strengthened, the contacts you’ve made, the impact you can have for making a difference in the community and the world, and the FUN you’ve had.  Please continue to support Rotary through the timely payment of your dues.
If you have any questions regarding your dues or special financial circumstances, please contact Administrative Director Elizabeth Karsell or 2018-19 President Sara Gilliland.
Applying the 4-Way Test to the Decision to Increase Dues for Rotary Year 2018-19
Is it the TRUTH?
  • Club dues have not increased since 2009.
  • Rotary International and District 5960 dues have increased multiple times since 2009, and the increase has been absorbed for each member by the club. Rotary International and district dues are increasing again in 2018-19.
  • Despite innovative changes to our meeting formats to avoid meeting room fees every week, our club has been operating with a budget deficit in recent years.
  • If the club had incrementally increased dues by 1% a year since 2009, dues would be similar to the dues proposed for 2018-19.
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Our Board is committed to maintaining our full-time paid Administrative Director position.
  • Our Board is committed to remaining a large club, which necessitates a meeting room fee to accommodate our size of group.
  • Our Board believes that board members, staff and Rotary members should not be expected to routinely donate expenses related to club operations.
  • Our club is a vibrant club that will continue to offer a wide variety of meeting formats, service opportunities and social events, which not only help us make a difference but encourage networking and strengthen friendships. 
  • All club members and the community benefit from our club remaining a strong, active and financially stable club.
  • The Board plans to implement additional revenue sources beyond dues to help cover club operating expenses.