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Please register by Thursday, May 17 to participate and email the Rotary office if you would like to host.

What happens on Rotation Day?
Members may be assigned as an attendee or offer to host a location where you do business or enjoy a special interest (i.e. a workshop, garden, etc.). Rotation Day goes back to the early days of Rotary when Rotarians rotated their meeting site each week. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy fellowship in a smaller group and to find out about your host's vocation/interest.

What is the Host's responsibility?
Hosts sign up and give the number of members they would like to accommodate for lunch. This can vary from a minimum of six to whatever number you are able to accommodate. Hosts are given a list of members, invite their guests, give directions, etc. Hosts order lunches for all attendees. Members have already paid for their lunches with their dues, so the host simply submits billing to the Rotary office for lunches. During the meeting time, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm, members introduce themselves and the hosts tell about their occupation. Some may provide a tour of their facilities. Hosts take attendance and turn it into the Rotary office.

What do those attending do?
Guests wait for an invitation by email or phone from their host. Please respond to the host to confirm that you are attending and arrive promptly at 11:30 am on Rotation Day to enjoy the event!


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