Same location as last year: 6416 Hwy #7

Per Covid Guidelines
o Mask wearing is required at all times
o Social distancing must be maintained
o Anyone choosing to enter the building is required to sign in and provide a cell
phone number.
Contact information for pickup
 Guy – 612-839-7288 (Monday and Tuesday)
 Tammy - 612-834-3381 (Monday only)
 Greg - 612-240-6370 (Monday only)
 Bob - 612-716-8689
Pickup Scheduling
We have set up the timeframes so that no more two Rotarians and/or two customers are picking up within the same 15 minute timeframe.
Use this link to reserve a time for pickup
Pickup times are:

12:30 PM until 5:00 on Monday, the 30 th .
10:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Tuesday, the 1 st .

Advise any of your customers to use the link for pickup and provide them with the contact phone numbers. Please text Guy (612-839-7288) when you are on your way. Your poinsettias will be placed at the overhead door so that we can prevent people from entering the building.