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Nominations for annual awards

Nominations must be submitted by the end of this week--June 4.
Each June, our club recognizes two exemplary individuals for their service. The Club's Board of Directors determine the winners each year. Any club member can submit a written nomination to the club president.
They are the Mark Sathe Service Above Self Award (to a Rotarian) and the Gil Braun Community Service Award (to a community member).
About the Gil Braun Community Service Award:
This award is presented annually by the St. Louis Park Rotary Club to someone who has provided exemplary leadership and service to the community of St. Louis Park. Gil Braun was a successful retail businessman and a long time Rotarian who gave of his time and philanthropy to the community. He supported Rotary International's Polio Campaign along with the St. Louis Park Rotary Foundation. When SLP Schools Superintendent. Carl Holmstrom spoke to our club about what was needed for the high school, Gil was one of two key individuals who stepped forward to assist in the start-up of Children First. Wayne Packard and Gil Braun were instrumental in the launch of Children First 25 years.
About the Mark Sathe Service Above Self Award:
Rotary’s highest honor recognizes Rotarians who demonstrate Rotary’s motto, “Service Above Self”, by volunteering their time and talents to help others. The St. Louis Park Rotary Club initiated the Mark Sathe Service Above Self Award for a lifetime of service following Mark’s passing in October 2007 after a long battle with cancer. Mark was only 59 years old. He served as SLP Rotary Club president in 2001- 2002 and was a champion advocate for Rotary at local and international levels and for St. Louis Park youth service. He supported many youth initiatives in addition to supporting The Rotary Foundation and our St. Louis Park Rotary Foundation. To all club members, we were “his” friend. He was passionate about serving others. He never was interested in getting recognized for his efforts. He always felt doing the right thing WAS the right thing to do. In 2008, there was overwhelming support by the club to initiate this award.
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Four Way Test T-Shirt

Men's T-Shirt frontYou can wear the Four Way Test with this shirt. It appears to be a fundraiser for an unidentified Rotary club.
Several shirt options available.
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Westwood Sculpture complete

There will be a sign installed at the sculpture acknowledging Rotary. It will look something like this:
Chloe the chickadee is now in place alongside Chet the chipmunk!

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Westwood Hills Nature Center 40th Anniversary

  1. Commemorate the 40th anniversary of WHNC;
  2. Conduct an event that would raise awareness of Rotary in the community;
  3. Recognize Rotary for the sculpture at the WHNC;
  4. Rotary makes a contribution to the city for summer programs. Note, the SLP Rotary Foundation has budgeted $1,000.00 to sponsor this event.
Depending on COVID rules, event will be late summer/early fall on a Saturday from 10:00-3:00. Schedule TBD. This event is in lieu of Bundled Up!
*** Rotarians are requested to donate an item to the silent auction fundraiser. Enter your item on the shared spreadsheet or email Amanda. ***
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SLP Rotary in the news

Last week, our club appeared twice in the news. The Star-Tribune ran a short about the Westwood nature center sculpture and includes Rotary's role in it. The St Louis Park-Hopkins Sun Sailor ran an article about Rotary's service activities in December. (As an bonus, Derek's cat, Bastet, made a partial appearance...)
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Poinsettias Pick Up

Same location as last year: 6416 Hwy #7

Per Covid Guidelines
o Mask wearing is required at all times
o Social distancing must be maintained
o Anyone choosing to enter the building is required to sign in and provide a cell
phone number.
Contact information for pickup
 Guy – 612-839-7288 (Monday and Tuesday)
 Tammy - 612-834-3381 (Monday only)
 Greg - 612-240-6370 (Monday only)
 Bob - 612-716-8689
Pickup Scheduling
We have set up the timeframes so that no more two Rotarians and/or two customers are picking up within the same 15 minute timeframe.
Use this link to reserve a time for pickup https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090d4dabaf2fa2ff2-poinsettia
Pickup times are:

12:30 PM until 5:00 on Monday, the 30 th .
10:00 AM until 3:00 PM on Tuesday, the 1 st .

Advise any of your customers to use the link for pickup and provide them with the contact phone numbers. Please text Guy (612-839-7288) when you are on your way. Your poinsettias will be placed at the overhead door so that we can prevent people from entering the building.
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June 22 recap

Notes by Derek. Meeting was recorded and can be viewed here.
The meeting was called into order by Tammy at 12:02.
In virtual attendance were Jim R, Derek, Bill, Jim B, Elmer, David, Tammy, Bruce, Bob, Guy, Cully, Mike, Brian, Amanda, and Greg. Guest was Christine Leick.
Bob flew the flag for the virtual Pledge of Allegiance.
Tammy shared her reflection on her year as president.
Happy Bucks were shared by Tammy, Jim B, Guy, Bob, Elmer, Derek, Greg, Cully and Jim R.
Jim B gave an update on the process for selecting the Rotary-sponsored public art in front of the new Westwood Nature Center. There was to be a meeting to finalize the choice. Since, then, Jim had the following update on Thursday: 
"Met with three artists this morning to discuss ideas for the nature center sculpture project. Narrowed it to one, with a backup. We liked our first choice providing he is willing to make a few changes to his proposal. If he does that, we are looking at an October dedication date. If not, we go to the other artist and also looking at an October date. Should know more sometime next week."
Guy was installed as president for 2020-21 Rotary year. He shared his plans and philosophy. Rotary should be fun!
Guy led the Four Way Test at the meeting's close.
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May 18 recap

Notes by Tammy.
Zoom Meeting
Guy attended the Annual Meeting for District 5950 this past Saturday, as the delegate for our club.  It was a short online meeting but there was one important vote which was for ‘District 5950 Representative to the RI Board Nominating Committee for our Bi-Zone area’.  For this position there were 3 candidates [unlike the other positions where there was only one nominee].  The three candidates were Holly Callen, Irene Kelly and Tim Murphy.  Guy shares that Tim won the position.
Another topic that came up was a report that within our district 85% of the clubs are continuing to meet with virtual meetings.  Three new clubs have been added this year – the Veteran’s Club, Passport Club, and a Human Trafficking Club that is in process.  The Echo Club was formed last year, so membership is up in the district!
Finally, it was encouraged that each club do strategic planning in the coming year.  Guy has created a modified version he will be presenting to our club members and hopefully everyone will participate in answering a few questions and providing some feedback / input.  This will be sent out in June.
Guy will be sending out his list of Board members for 2020-21 for a club vote / approval in the near future.  Tammy will count votes and share results – onward and upward!
No Anniversaries this week – however – a big 77th BIRTHDAY for Paul Bierhaus, May 19th at 11:59 PM.  If you see the fireworks you will know what is going on J
Jim B is keeping is eye on the art installation for Westwood Nature Center and reports things are moving along.  He has reviewed 22 art submissions, 8-10 of them were impressive enough to consider.  He is unsure of how the final decision will be made – he will keep us updated.                                                … Side note:  The SW Corridor (light rail) is on schedule – or ‘on track’ as we could say J
Guy finally finished his ‘sea shell’ table [it’s been in his mind since at least 2014].  It looks great and will bring back memories of vacation time.
Rod finds out he is getting a grandson to carry on the Shilkrot name!  Love those girls, but this is special, too!
Bob will be happy if the Twins truly get to play this year – Paul isn’t too invested – the unemployment is a nice replacement right now . . . . .
Amanda is happy that the Bridgewater has gotten some much needed loans and is ready now to re-employ!
Rod gave his vocational talk.
Rotary Speaker: Carlos Morales – Amity Teacher from Columbia
What is the Amity Program?
 “Over 57 years of building international friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchange”
  • Carlos is a 24 year old Spanish/English/French language teacher from Columbia.  He lives in the capital, Bogota. He has been in MN since August 2019
  • He is interning with the Spanish teachers at the SLP Middle school, assisting them in whatever way will help the students to learn Spanish. He also acts as an interpreter for students and parents.
  • The application process to come to the USA takes a long time – filling out applications, multiple interviews, and language exams – and then it may take another year before they are placed / chosen.
  • It was difficult to learn the US system - ‘a process’
  • In March when the distance learning began, they were not really prepared for that.  Students got laptops or ipads if they did not have one and classes are carried out with Zoom or on a Google platform.  Teachers prepare the lessons, he assists via emails and videos and communicating via texting – he is reading books for students, translating and assisting with homework.  It is a challenge.
  • In Bogota there are 8 M people, they also were not prepared.  It has been very difficult for them to continue teaching.  The government provides some financial support and food.  There are not enough computers – texts are brought to students at home.  Just very difficult to keep the schools going.
  • He was supposed to go home mid-June but his flight has been canceled, the airport in Bogota is closed.  He will continue to help out in SLP schools as long as they need him.
  • He gets room and board and a stipend for his year of work here in the States.
  • Paul D and family have hosted Carlos since January
  • Carlos states there are 150 Amity teachers in the US
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May 11 recap

Notes by Tammy.


The (virtual) Annual District 5950 Meeting will take place Saturday May 16, 2020. Guy Marzano has agreed to be the delegate for our club.

It seems we had some very cute visitors join our meeting today – a group of alpacas, munching on their snack of carrots. They were quite cute – apparently at the wrong meeting though . . . . .


Guy shared birthdays:

Walter Hansen – May 5th

Patricia – May 8th

Rotary Anniversaries – Both Patricia and Guy had an anniversary on May 6th


Happy Bucks:

Paul B is happy that he is now on the unemployment rolls. Got his first check ever this week. I think he said he was saving it to have a big Rotary party when this ‘stay at home’ is over. I think I heard that . . . .

Several members were happy that the online Rotary donation site works well – and is easy!


SPEAKER: Anna Odegaard, Legislative Advocate – MN Asset Building Coalition May 11, 2020

- Originally this group was not involved  in criminal justice reform

- Focus is on asset building and includes 140+ community non-profit members. These represent direct service organizations/agencies

- This group looks at the work they are doing and the priories and policies for potential public investment

- They provide training for presentation to the legislature for issues that they become involved in – currently the focus is on criminal justice and the fees/fines/penalties that strip assets from low income families and racial justice reform

- In 2016 Anna’s goal was to identify people to get to the table that would be beneficial to put together a ‘Bill’ that would change how the fees and fines accumulate for those low income folks that get a traffic violation for example

- These fines start out at $50, add to that a State surcharge for $75 and a Law Library fee of $12 and a Diversion fee of $1 and it totals $138. Many people are not able to pay that much out and have to wait until some extra money becomes available to them.

- The first late fee is $5, the second late fee is $25 and then it would go to Collections which adds another $32 and now the total owing is $200. The point of escalation is when the first late fees start to accumulate. A Driver’s License suspension also happens when the late fees are tacked on.

- Once the license is lost then the job is lost. If you are caught driving after suspension it is a $300 fine - If you have no insurance it adds a $200 fine + a 30 day suspension.

- Many people cannot borrow the money to pay these especially if they are now not working – some find themselves more than $1000 in debt over a traffic violation.

- In 2018 a ‘Bill’ was introduced to the legislature in regard to this situation most importantly in regard to the Driver’s License suspension- it is done if there is a failure to pay and a failure to show up in court for accountability

- It is uncertain if there will be any action taken this year in the Legislature however, they will keep moving forward on trying to change the procedure to hopefully get better compliance to law while not disabling the recipient of the violation to go further into financial despair.

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May 4 recap

Notes by Paul Danicic.
Meeting over Zoom
Present: Tammy, Paul B., Paul D., Brian G., Jim B., Astein, Jim R., Guy, Rod, Cully, Becky, Elmer, Bill D., Dave Howard, Derek. Guests: Lloyd Campbell from RI Passport club of MN.
Guy introduced Lloyd who described the Passport Club Rotary model which is largely virtual and gave details. Passport club members have a full RI membership and support the principles of Service, Network, Leadership and Fellowship.
  • Dues are less than $.50/day, designed to be less of a barrier to membership
  • Goal now is to increase membership
  • Examined why members leave clubs - mostly due to cost, the club environment and unmet expectations
  • Found that 71% of membership inquiries had no followup. Potential members did not get contacted
  • Membership includes about 12 in twin cities and others in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, elsewhere totally about 21
  • We can ask to sit in a club virtual meeting contact through website: Rotary.AD-MKTG.com or contact Lloyd at Lloydwcampbell@gmail.com or see Guy to get more contact information for him
  • There has to be one meeting/month with the club and members can join in on any other of the 35,000 clubs worldwide
  • Maple Grove example has different types of membership and have shown growth – business, young professional etc.
  • Flexibility is key to engaging and keeping members
  • There are members who this works well for as they travel a great deal
  • The club has some projects – e.g. autism, overseas health project in Central America
Beck Bakken gave an update for Discover SLP
  • Since revenue is based on lodging taxes, they have gone from a team of five to three
  • Hotels are at 5% occupancy currently
  • Her budget is now ‘fluid’ as there are many unknowns as far as how soon the sector will come back
Astein updated on the Schools
  • The Junior High is getting its school levy project started with the performing arts center construction
  • Other projects are getting going early due to no classes occurring in buildings – one silver lining of this pandemic
  • SLP will also be letting students keep their devices (iPads, tablets, Chromebooks etc.) over summer in preparation that fall may have some distance learning possibilities
  • Children First is moving along as can be expected during this time (Paul D. has invited Margaret to join)
Happy Bucks
  • Jim B. played five rounds of golf this week
  • Guy announced birthdays, Dave A., Bruce and Elmer. The Club mercifully decided against disturbing Elmer with a Zoom version of Happy Birthday
  • Several RI anniversaries were announced as well
  • Dave G. was happy about his new app Step Tracker, and laid down 160,000 steps recently and feels it is great for body, mind and spirit
  • Derek was happy about gardening
  • Rod was happy to be back at Rotary after a family health related absence
  • And Tammy ‘Discovered St Louis Park’ through Westwood Hills nature center walks with a friend
Meeting was adjourned at 1pm
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New effort to connect neighbors for asistance

Dave Arneson shared this new resource for ways to buddy-up and have neighbors help neighbors during the pandemic crisis. Below is the announcement of the group from Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson.


Friends - This week a group of volunteers and I launched NorthStar Neighbor, a new nonprofit organization matching volunteers with seniors or those at high risk of COVID-19 who need remote companionship, conversation or help with delivery of groceries or prescriptions.

The program matches healthy, low-risk Minnesotans who are 60 and under with someone in their community who is over 60 or is otherwise high-risk.  

This is not a government program, just a group of volunteers who want to help connect people.

There are many amazing nonprofit organizations and churches that are providing services similar to this to people in their networks.  We’re hoping to find those seniors or at-risk people who don’t have an existing network and just need a friend or helper right now.

If you’d like to volunteer or you or someone you know needs a match, let us know at www.NorthStarNeighbor.com.  I’d also encourage you to like and share our Facebook page at FB.com/northstarneighbor.

It’s really important to remember this program is a two-way street.  Those who are volunteering are providing a gift to someone in need, but those who are receiving help are also providing a gift to someone who desperately wants to help a fellow Minnesotan in this time of social isolation.

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April 20 Meeting (virtual)

Next meeting is a Zoom Meeting!
You can join via computer or tablet (with microphone and camera), smart phone, or by calling in.
Click through link below or use call in number.
Topic: SLP Rotary Meeting
Time: Apr 20, 2020 11:50 AM Central Time 
Program starts at 12:00
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 963 073 470

One tap mobile
+13126266799,,963073470# US (Chicago)
Dial by your location
        +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

Meeting ID: 963 073 470

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March 30 recap

March 30, 2020 was a historic day for our club. We held our first virtual meeting via Zoom.
There was no program or speakers. Guy opened the meeting and shared an inspirational story about a shipwreck and reminded members of the Four Way Test.
The club membership was asked to support a timely $5000 grant to STEP for the purchase of a cargo van. The van is to be used to pick up food donations and make grocery deliveries to residents in need who are unable to leave their homes. It is anticipated that the pandemic will require a significant amount of grocery deliveries over the coming months. The cargo van was purchased thanks to the SLP Rotary Foundation's grant, alongside the SLP Youth and Community Development Fund, Luther Auto Foundation, and the SLP Sunrise Rotary Foundation.
Members then took turns to share updates in their lives, as well as Happy Bucks. Ten members were able to participate.
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Recap March 2

Notes by: Mike Harcey

The meeting was opened by Bob Gustafson​​​ at ​12:08 p.m.​​(time)

Song and Prayer were led by Tom H and Cully


• Bob asked everyone to look at the Rotary International Magazine articles on Rotaract and Rotary International President Knaack’s vision for the future of Rotary.
• Becky reminded everyone about the Children First Breakfast on Thursday, March 5th at 7:00 am in The Doubletree Ballroom.
• Bob reminded everyone of the alternate meeting opportunity on Thursday, March 5th from 5-6:00 pm at the Dover Bar.
• Jim Brimeyer is planning a Noon Rotary Spring golf outingat Giants Ridge and Superior National.  Please contact Jim ASAP if interested.
• Elmer (from the Bahamas) reminded everyone that the first Book Social Club meeting will be on March 26th at 5:30 pm at a place TBD

Sergeant of Arms report (guests, etc)

• Becky Bakken and Bill Davies introduced our Guest Joe Graca, formerly of the Edina Rotary.

Happy Bucks

• Bill Davies reported that his wife Kay is doing better after her surgery and is and about.  He thanked everyone who assisted with providing meals.
• Bob Gustafson is thankful for the spring weather and the upcoming Twins home opener.
• Becky Bakken is happy about her upcoming vacation in Florida where she will take in a Twins Spring Training game.
• Cully Huestis celebrated his son’s hockey teams victory, normally $1 for each goal difference but the recent victory was going to cost him too much.

Name of speaker: Jennifer Randolph Reise, JD, Visiting Professor Mitchell Hamline School of Law

Derek Introduced his wife Jen Randolph Reise.

• Jen presented information on Distance Learning Comes to Legal Education
• Mitchel Hamline has been at the forefront of developing a blended learning model of education for law degrees.
• Starting in 2015, Mitchel Hamline was the first law school to offer distance learning.
• Students conduct much of there study through book work and on-line discussion and convene for face to face study one week a semester.
• The program has shown excellent results for older students and those who have fulltime jobs already and may be looking for a career change.
• The program’s first graduates are experience above average results on passing the BAR exam.
• The program has been accredited by the American Bar Association
Four Way Test

Meeting gaveled out by Bob Gustafson​​​ at 1:05​​​​ (time)

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February 24 recap

Notes by Guy.

Tammy called the meeting to order at 12:08 PM.
Club members greeted each other and guests with hand shakes.
Elmer led the Club in singing “America the Beautiful.” Greg Hildebrand led the Club in prayer.
            Tammy is donating a bulletin board that will be used for public affairs articles, etc. It will be set up at the sign in table each week.
            Tammy reminded everyone of the Children’s First Breakfast on Thursday, March 5th, at 7:00 AM [Much earlier than Tammy would like to get going].
Happy Bucks:
            Happy Birthday to Cully, who celebrated his birthday on the 14th of February; and to Arnold Bloomquist, who celebrated his birthday on the 16th of February.
            Monica celebrated her 22nd Rotary Anniversary on the 11th of February; Tammy celebrated her 17th Rotary Anniversary on the 12th of February.
            Elmer continues to be grateful to volunteer at the Heart Center at Methodist Hospital. He talks with people who are preparing to have open heart surgery with encouraging words of the good reputation the Heart Center has and its positive outcomes. Elmer loves Methodist Hospital!!!
            Greg Hildebrand announced that he is resigning from Rotary. He has so many work, family, and church obligations that he felt he could not give Rotary the attention that he’d like to devote to it. He has felt very welcome as a newer Club member; and he will miss everyone.
            Paul Bierhaus was happy that he attended the Empty Bowls event at Westwood Church last week. He taste tested four different soups; he said that they were all excellent. Despite the cold day, he thought that there was a sizable crowd there.
Bruce has been flying back and forth from warmer climates; he promised to attend meetings whenever he’s in town. He is now looking forward to going to Arizona and its warmer weather.
Derek was happy that Empty Bowls was successful event though the turnout was about 50% of last year’s  event. He thought that the very cold weather was responsible for the lower turnout. He displayed an article in the recent Sun Sailor that included pictures of the event on both the front and back cover.
Bob congratulated Derek and the other Club members involved in the Empty Bowls event. He attended and pleasurably sampled several soups. He reported that about ten other Club members were involved with the event—which was a “good show” in his opinion. Bob said that he was leaving the meeting early to start “Spring Training” for his job with the Twins.
Guy enjoyed a short sunny and warm visit to Sedona and Phoenix. He was happy that he didn’t miss any Club meeting since Tammy cancelled the meeting on Presidents’ Day while he was gone.
Speaker: Our speaker was Dr. Martha Nance, MD, from the Park Nicolette Struthers Parkinson’s Center.
            Dr. Nance stated that Parkinson’s  is the second most common degenerative disease [after Alzheimer’s]. It affects about one million people; it is more common in men than women [at approximately a 60:40 ratio]. About half of the sufferers live long enough to also get Alzheimer’s.
            Some risk factors have been identified: Exposure to welding fumes; exposure to Agent Orange; repeated head injuries; injection of MPTP [a heroin contaminant]; and being of the male gender. Aging is the greatest risk factor. Drinking coffee and smoking have a correlation with lower risk; exactly why is not known.
            It is postulated that causes are both environmental and genetic.
            Theories include that the disease starts in the small intestine with the accumulation of synuclein bodies. There appear to be a lot of large Lewy bodies present in those bodies with the disease.
            Early signs of the disease include frequent constipation.
            Vagotomy [cutting of part of the vagus nerve—usually to treat stomach ulcers] appears to lower risk.
            Genetic influence: 15% of sufferers have a first degree relative that also suffers. There is a lot of discussion on whether or not to test people that are related to sufferers; Dr. Nance’s opinion was that it may do more harm than good.
            Related diseases:
                        Parkinson’s involves movement issues.
                        Lewy body disease sufferers have both movement and dementia symptoms.
                        Those experiencing Multiple System Atrophy experience hallucinations [usually involving people and outsized animals], movement impairment, and autonomic system symptoms.
                        All these diseases show Lewy bodies present.
Prevention/Slowing Progression of the illness includes:
            Exercise, exercise, exercise [Aerobic, range of motion, balance],
            A positive attitude,
            Seeing a specialist, and
            Forming a supportive team.
People often live up to thirty years with the illness.
There are all types of treatments being considered and studied.   
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February 10 recap

Recap by Mike H.
The meeting was opened by Tammy Sullivan at 12:00 p.m.
Song and Prayer were led by Elmer and Tammy.
  • From President Tammy Sullivan there will be no meeting on Monday, February 17th, 2020.
  • Paul Bierhaus reminded everyone about the ClubRunner App for your phone.  The App can be found on the App Store and Google Apps.  Paul is a technology wizard and would be happy to assist anyone with installing the APP and how to use it.
  • Tammy let everyone know there was a nice article in the Sun Sailor Newspaper about the Winter Fun Day.
  • Derek reminded everyone that the STEP Empty Bowls event is Thursday, February 13th, serving from 11:30 to 1:30 and 4:30 to 7:00.
Sergeant of Arms report (guests, etc)
  • No guests
Happy Bucks
  • Guy recognized Monique and Tom for their birthdays during the week.  He had a nice lunch meeting with Amanda and hinted about a Club music event on September 26th, more details to come.
  • Bob was happy that there was no booing during his presentation.
  • Elmer was happy and thankful for his life and health.  He was reminded of this after recent volunteer work he did at a hospital and after attending the Can Do Canines benefit where he heard the compelling story of a person who had recently received an assistance dog.
  • Dave was happy for time spent at a family gathering for his Uncle’s 95th birthday party.
Bob Gustafson
  • Born and raised in Thief River Falls
  • Graduated from Little Falls High School
  • Graduated with a BA from St. Cloud State University
  • Joined Rotary in April of 1980
  • President of The Chamber of Commerce in Crookston, MN
  • President of The Chamber of Commerce in Grand Forks ND
    • Met his wife Sara at the YMCA as she was assisting with the set up for a meeting
  • President of the Twin West Chamber of Commerce
  • State Director of the March of Dimes
  • Major Gifts Officer for the Twin Cities Area American Red Cross
  • Director of Development for AccessAbility
  • Bob is retired but works part-time with the Minnesota Twins
  • Wife, Sara, is the City Manager in Jamestown ND
  • Bob and Sara have a daughter Lilly who is 25
Name of speaker: J Drake Hamilton (JJ)
Organization/position/title: Science and Technology Director at Fresh Energy
Paul Danicic introduced J Drake Hamilton with Fresh Energy.
  • JJ is the Science and Policy Director for Fresh Energy.
  • The mission of Fresh Energy is to shape and drive realistic, visionary energy policies that benefit all.
  • Fresh Energy is non-partisan non-profit that was founded in 1900.
  • Fresh Energy is committed to working effectively with Minnesota leaders, public and private partners, and individual residents who care about the future of our energy system and economy.
  • Minnesota has been a leader on working to achieve carbon neutral alternative energy which is making an impact on climate change.
  • JJ highlighted recent commitments made by ECO Lab, Cargill, 3M, and Target to reduce their carbon emissions and the use of renewable energy.
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February 3 recap

Notes by Cully
Tammy - Introduction, sing, prayer, announcement and “happy bucks.”
  • Children 2020 Champaign Breakfast still has availability at several tables. Talk to Tammy if interested.
  • Tom Forfesen (spelling) is answering email questions discussing the future of Rotary
  • Elmer brought up the idea of a book club to share thoughts and insight about books people are currently reading. The idea of holding that in conjunction with the Thursday night “make up” session was discussed. More info to follow.
  • Tom announced that Children First had selected Margaret Ganyo as their new executive director. This will be announced Feb 10th at the Children First Champions Breakfast. She was with United Way in southeastern Idaho and is a past Rotarian.
  • Happy bucks- Paul, Paul, Cully, Mike, David, Bob, Tammy and Guy
  • Paul Reminded people that we have free lunches available to potential members. Invite those you think could be beneficial to the club.
  • Jim Brimeyer was mentioned at least 7 times and then it was decided we would “roast” him until his return after the 29th. Elmer will be leaving on the 29th to go to the same place Jim is vacationing currently.
Speaker was Chris Knopf from Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.
  • Discussed the environmental impact of copper sulfide mining.
  • Gave facts and figures about the boundary waters area.
  • Went over the parties involved, lawsuits and timing of litigation.
  • Covered the potential financial impact to the state and residence.
  • Answered questions and stayed after for discussion.
Four Way test and meeting conclusion.
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Sargents of Arms 2020

January          Bob Gustafson                                                          612 852 1816
                        Dave Arneson                                                          612-849-6196
February       Seth Schuett                                                               651 246 4926
                        Paul Hovde                                                               952 545 8881
March            Bill Davies                                                                 952 925 1780
                        Becky Bakken                                                          952 426 4047
April               Mark Ihrke                                                                952 582 8259
                        Greg Palmer                                                             952 915 8554
May                Jim Brimeyer                                                            612 760 6626
                        Bob Gustafson                                                        612 852 1816
June                Don Jerpbak                                                            651 994 0245
                        Cully Huestis                                                            952 406 8069
July                 Bill Davies                                                                 952 925 1780
                        Derek Reise                                                              952 925 4899
August           Mark Ihrke                                                                952 582 8259
                        Tammy Sullivan                                                       952 924 6077
September    Dave Arneson                                                             612-849-6196
                        Greg Palmer                                                             952 915 8554
October         Don Jerpbak                                                               651 994 0245
                        Tammy Sullivan                                                       763 231 9000
November     Paul Hovde                                                                9525458881
                        Derek Reise                                                              952 925 4899
December     Becky Bakken                                                            952 426 4047
                        Jim Brimeyer                                                            612 760 6626
Thanks for serving.  If any phones number are incorrect please let Paul Hovde know.  Please exchange with others if you have conflicts.                                             
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January 27 recap

Notes by Paul D.
  • Derek RB started us off with a lovely poem by Odgen Nash, A Clean Conscience Never Relaxes.
  • Winter Fun Day report - Guy
    • Officially a success
    • About $2000 was raised by the event
    • Dave sponsored a horse and buggy which was popular
    • Tammy and Becky were general sponsors and Tammy donated a Kindle Fire
    • Mike helped arrange the Police and Fire trucks
    • Guy generously thanked everyone who helped out
Happy Bucks
  • Guy was happy for David Howard’s 23rd Rotary anniversary and for several birthdays
  • Paul B. thanked Amanda for her Winter Fun Day work
  • Derek made a donation on occasion of his birthday. He is 28*.
  • Cully’s child won his hockey game in spectacular fashion
  • Elmer told the story about how happy he was that he got his new iPhone rebooted
  • Jim B is quite happy he is going to Nassau
  • Guy told the story of getting a new water heater. Discussion: it was all around agreed that one real value of Rotary was that it helped people network with people/businesses that they could trust – i.e. Paul Hovde and Son
Assembly regular meeting
  • Tammy read a letter describing a matching gift from the Gates Foundation to Rotary for the Rotary’s Polio elimination work
  • Derek updated us on the upcoming Empty Bowls event happening Thursday, February 13th at Westwood Lutheran Church. Come and help put food on the table of the people in our community who need it most. Everyone gets a free handmade bowl.
  • Becky gave a Children First update saying their top candidate for Executive Director has excepted the position and all are excited
  • College possible did not happen at the High School this year due to non Rotary related reasons. We are unsure whether it may return at this point.
  • Scholarship Discussion:
    • Named scholarships will happen this year
    • College Possible kids will not be listed this May
  • The Children First Breakfast is March 5th at the Doubletree Hotel. Danicic has a table as do several others in Rotary
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Reporter Schedule 2020

Please email meeting notes to Derek (derekreise@gmail.com) by end of day Thursday for inclusion in the eRotatler.
February 3 - Cully
February 10 - Mike H
February 17 - Elmer
February 24 - Guy
March 2 - Bob G
March 9 - Guy
March 16 - Jim B
March 23 - Amanda O
March 30 - ?
April 6 - ?
April 13 - Derek
April 20 - Brian
April 27 - Astein
May 4 - Paul D
May 11 - Tony
May 18 - Tony
May 25 - Holiday - No Meeting
June 1 - Dave A
June 8 - Jim B
June 15 - ?
June 22 - ?
June 29 - Cully
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Club Committees

Please send any updates/corrections to Derek.
Derek Reise - Chair
Guy Marzano
Bob Gustafson
Jim Brimeyer - Chair
Derek Reise - Chair
Katy Willenbring
Cully Huestis
Community Service:
Brian Miller - Chair
Guy Marzano
Amanda Olson
Patricia Magnuson
Becky Bakken - Chair
Elmer Schindel - Chair
David Howard
Dave Arneson
Guy Marzano - Chair
Bob Gustafson
Tammy Sullivan
Paul Bierhaus
Jim Brimeyer
Amanda Olson
Winter Fun Day:
Guy Marzano - Chair
Tammy Sullivan
Mark Ihrke
Becky Bakken
Youth Service:
Greg Hildebrandt
Astein Osei
Mike Harcey
Tom Harmening
Jim Brimeyer - Chair
Dave Arneson
Tammy Sullivan
Paul Hovde
Don Jerpbak
Cully Huestis
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Barry Rassin quote on change

Image result for barry rassinChange is hard.  And the longer we’ve been going one way, the more friends we have with us, the harder it is to be the one who turns around and does it differently.  But change – not change for its own sake, but careful, considered, goal-directed change – is essential for any organization that wants to evolve, stay relevant, and move forward in the right direction.  It’s about having the curiosity, the courage, and the conviction to look at different paths that might be better.
Barry Rassin
President, Rotary International
The Rotarian magazine [December 2018]
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Club Social at AC Hotel Reveal Bar 2018-08-19 05:00:00Z 0

SLP Tree Planting

On October 28, nearly 70 volunteers turned out on a very cold morning to plant 150 trees along Minnetonka Boulevard in St. Louis Park. Members from both SLP Rotary clubs participated to plant trees in the cold mud. There were over two dozen types of trees planting along Minnetonka. The trees will be enjoyed by the community for decades to come.
Until the 1970s, Minnetonka Boulevard reportedly was lined by big, beautiful elm trees. This planting was overdue. Click to Read More to see some photo highlights.
St. Louis Park is doing our part to meet the Rotary International goal to plant 1.2 million trees by June 30, 2018!
SLP Tree Planting 2017-10-28 05:00:00Z 0