From John Mock:
Grandson Justin was married last Saturday to his beautiful wife, Mikala.
From Yujin Oh:
Today is my birthday!
From Spencer Secor:
My wife gave birth to our second baby boy on 6/18/20. His name is Jack Nicholas Secor.
From John Ewing:
The Treasurer’s Office will be reopening to walk-in traffic Monday June 29th.
From Don Swanson:
Rosetta Sunbeam Swanson, born June 20, 2020; 8 lb., 9 oz.; 21 inches.
Everyone is well!
As to the names:
1.      Rosetta is a form of “Rose” from one side of the family; and
2.      Sunbeam is a great-grandmother’s name on the other side.
From Jena Bailey:
I wanted to thank Chris Tointon with the YMCA for putting their fitness classes on a app based sign up.  I was able to convince my frugal husband to convert my flip phone to a smartphone.  With the classes opening back up I have been able to get back to normal pre covid-19 life again.  Don't worry John Sullivan just because I have a new phone doesn't mean I will not change my email address on you again.  I will cover the fines for mentioning both Chris and John from my new phone!