President Lincoln and the Better Angel of our Nature
Thanks to Dr. Fred Nielsen of the History Department at the University of Nebraska Omaha for a thoughtful, and thought-provoking, presentation on President Abraham Lincoln, in honor of Lincoln’s 209th birthday on Monday. Even with the passage of so much time, there are still important lessons we can learn from Lincoln.
Good News:
Thanks to John Mock, our Secretary for the Day. Nice work John, although I’m still trying to decide if that joke was funny.
Sean Connolly, chair of our scholarship committee, is looking for volunteers to help read the scholarship applications we are currently receiving. This is very interesting and rewarding work, and we will end up helping six high school seniors with a $1,500 scholarship for college, to be awarded at the Honor Roll Luncheon this Spring. If you can help Sean with this important task please contact him:
Rick Waxman celebrated his 36th wedding anniversary today (Valentine’s Day). I always knew Rick was a smart man: getting married on Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to remember one date instead of two. Congratulations to Rick and Marylyn!
I am happy to announce that Cella Quinn is our new Programs Chair. Thanks to Cella for taking over this important job in our Club. If you have program ideas, please pass them along to Cella. She has some exciting things planned over the next weeks and months.
Thanks and congratulations to Alan Smith our outgoing chair who has taken over a new job and new responsibilities at CenturyLink.
Special thanks to Pamela Peterson of UNO who has really picked up the torch and run with it this year as our interim programs chair. Pam worked hard to provide us with some very special programs this year, and we are all deeply indebted to her for her help and assistance.
I am speechless (and that does not happen often) at the gift of a framed poster from this year’s Outland Banquet signed by Tom Osborne and Bobby Bowden. Thanks so much to Rotarian, Joe Mancuso, and his brother Bob for this special gift. I was grateful for the opportunity to meet Coach Bowden at our luncheon that day, and indebted to Tim Cavanaugh for picking up the baton when illness prevented me from attending that evening. Thank you for this special honor. Our Club is very fortunate to be associated with the Outland event each year, and our Board sent a special letter of thanks to Joe and Bob earlier this year thanking them for keeping us involved.
Next week:
Remember, if it’s Wednesday, the place to be is Downtown Rotary.
See you next week!
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The Rotary Club of Omaha has received membership applications from the following:
Rev. Steve Karcher, Assisting Priest at St. Andrew's Episcopal. Steve is a former member of Lincoln 14 and Bakersfield East.
Anyone with objections to a membership proposal needs to reach out to the Club Administrator or Membership Chair.
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As you know, John Marburger broke his hip on January 18th. He has been in the hospital since then but is expected to go home on February 9th.
He is in physical therapy daily and expects to be 100% recoverd in time for his trip to Portugal and Spain in June.
He offered this advice, "Do not break a hip!"
Please continue to keep John in your thoughts and prayers as he recovers.
John is at Immanuel Rehabilitation Center, 6901 North 72nd Street, Omaha, NE 68122  ROOM 2.
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What is NAYEN…and how can you help?
NAYEN stands for North American Youth Exchange Network, an international Rotary program. Omaha is honored to be host for the NAYEN 19th Annual Conference, March 15-17. It is just around the corner. Approximately 400 Rotarians will be coming to Omaha for the sessions and activities. Previous conferences have been in such places as Calgary, Cincinnati, Cancun, Orlando, and Chicago, just to name a few.
How can you help? We are in need of volunteers in various categories – greeters at airport, greeters at hotel (Hilton), sergeant-at-arms for sessions, hospitality, etc. If you can help, please contact Tim Schmad ( or simply sign up at the registration table. We can then fit schedule with our needs.

Everyone is invited to attend a membership presentation after our regular Club meeting on Jan. 24th

District Membership Chair, Jill Slupe, will share the 2017 Membership changes from Rotary International. Jill will share the bylaw changes, flexibility suggestions, e-clubs, why people join and quit and tips on how to develop a Rotary pitch.


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Rotary Social 2.8.18 2018-01-11 06:00:00Z 0

 Murphy, Todd                       Feb 05

Bechtold, Lori                        Feb 06

Eggers, Jim                             Feb 07

Volk, Leslie                             Feb 09

Hansen, Ken                           Feb 14

Carper, Steve                          Feb 16

Holthaus, Roger                     Feb 16

Goldstein, David (Big AL)    Feb 18

Schmad, Tim                           Feb 18

Simmons, Lee                         Feb 20

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Please join us for Business Networking Day.
This event takes the place of our normal weekly meeting.
You have a choice of three locations to sign up for.

This time, you will either pay for your own lunch off site or you will be hosted by Omaha Home for Boys at that location.

Locations include:

Business Networking Location #1

Company:      Omaha Home for Boys
Description:  For 98 years, the Omaha Home for Boys has changed and saved the lives of at-risk young men and women ages 14 – 24.  The Home’s core programs are residential care, transitional living and independent living. The young men and women served lack housing and other basic needs, and face barriers to academic success, employability, critical life skills training and self-sufficiency. Omaha Home for Boys will host lunch in their Cafeteria.

Address:  4343 N. 52nd St. Omaha, 68104
Rotarian Host: Lori Bechtold
Max number of guests: 20

Business Networking Location #2

Company:      Film Streams - Dundee SORRY - LOCATION FULL
Description: We will tour the newly remodeled theater at 50th & Dodge.  Film Streams Dundee has two theaters, a gift shop and the Kitchen Table restaurant.   We will have lunch at the Kitchen Table.  Everyone pays for their own lunch.

Address: 4952 Dodge St., Omaha 68132   
Rotarian Host:  Rosemary Opbroek (402) 660-6193​
Max number of guests: 15


Business Networking Location #3

Company:      KANEKO
Description:   The Kaneko explores the creative process — how a new idea is born into the arts, sciences, and philosophy. There is no restriction for creative activity. Imagination has complete freedom. Supporting and promoting freedom in creativity is KANEKO’s mission.   We will walk over to the Upstream Brewing Company for lunch after the tour. Everyone pays for their own lunch.

Address:  1111 Jones St, Omaha, 68102      
Rotarian Host: Bob Keefer
Max number of guests: 20


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The annual Charitable Statements have been emailed to all members.

You can also access the statement HERE.

As a reminder, this is for contributions to our Service Fund which provides financial support for the Foundation Grants that the club awards annually.

You can also contribute to the RI Foundation and our Club Foundation using this form.

Thank you to our members for your continued support!

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We are trying a new GREETER process at the meetings. 
If you are the first to arrive, we would like you to greet. 
If you are unable to greet for the day, we would like you to approach the next person who arrives to ask them to greet.
We appreciate all of our members helping out at the meetings with this duty!
Please take a few minutes to login to the website and make sure your information is correct. This information will be used for the next directory.
Just click the "Member Login" button at the top right of the home page.
If you have forgotten your login and password there is a place at the bottom of  "Member Login" that looks like this"  New and existing users: retrieve login and/or reset password"
All you need to know is your Last Name and Email address to retrieve your information.
There is a new link where you can REGISTER GUESTS for meetings on our home page.
You can also check your FASTPASS balance. You will need to know your badge number to do so. Use "Member Login" and then go to  "My Rotary" and look for the link on the left side of the page under "What do you want to do?"

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