We were joined by Chris Janicek, owner of CupCake Omaha and Democratic candidate for United States Senate in the 2020 election.
Janicek grew up in Davis City, Nebraska and graduated from UNO in 1983. He has been a small business owner and a real estate investor. He decided to get into politics after a massive heart attack and subsequent healthcare costs almost led to bankruptcy. His platform centers around healthcare and he advocates for a public option for healthcare, increasing the minimum wage, and reducing the need for abortions by making adoptions easier and more comprehensive sex education. He sees healthcare as an investment and not an expense.
Not one to pull any punches, Janicek noted that although he voted for Senator Ben Sasse in 2014, he does not believe the current senator has not delivered on his promises and does not believe he is the right man for the job. Janicek hopes to appeal to Democrats, Republicans, and Independents with a message of “Enough.” He would like for Democrats to stop embracing radical agendas and painting all Republicans as “evil.”
We thank Mr. Janicek for taking the time to share his vision for Nebraska with us and we encourage all members to vote in the election on November 3.
~Adam Leong
Guest Journalist