Event Types

Program Committee Contact:  Pam Peterson

Invocation:  Todd Murphy

Music Director:  Francis Lajba

Piano:  Christine Pharr

Greeters:  Lindy Pfingsten, Fr. Lloyd Gnirk

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Michelle Holmes

SGT of Arms

CLEANUP: Okley Gibbs  
AV:  John Marburger

Kent Kubie, IBM
 May 17, 2017

Please join us for Business Networking Day.
This event takes the place of our normal weekly meeting.
You have a choice of three locations to sign up for.
Each location is a $10 fee which we would like paid in advance or for you to use your Fast Pass.
(It is $10.60 for PayPal)
There is no "no lunch" reduced rate for this meeting.

Locations include:

#1 Business Networking Location

Company:  Omaha World Herald Freedom Center (capacity 25)
Address:    1398 Capitol Ave, Omaha
Rotarian Host: Phil Taylor (402) 960-1171


 #2 Business Networking Location

Company:       Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha (capacity 20)
Address:    620 S 38th Ave   
Rotarian Host:  Lindsey Rai Reasner (714) 878-4908


#3 Business Networking Location

Company:       Autism Center of Nebraska (capacity 20)
Address:          9012 Q Street, Omaha
Rotarian Host:  Rosemary Opbroek (402) 660-6193

Get additional details and sign up HERE.

Business Networking Day
 May 24, 2017

Program Committee Contact:  Ann Kelleher

Invocation:  Camille Metoyer Moten

Music Director:  Bob Keefer

Piano:  Dr. Christine Pharr

Greeters:  Lindy Pfingsten, Susan Koesters

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Gretchen Kirchmann, Shane Sullivan

SGT of Arms

CLEANUP:  Okley Gibbs

Dan McMaster, Feroz Mohmand
 May 31, 2017

Program Committee Contact:  Brad vonGillern

Invocation:  Alan Smith

Music Director:  TBD

Piano:  Jim Scott-Miller

Greeters:  Bob Keefer

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Theresa Contreraz

SGT of Arms
SETUP:  John Marburger

CLEANUP:  John Marburger
AV:  John Marburger

Mike McMeekin
 Jun 07, 2017

Program Committee Contact:  Leroy Swedlund

Invocation:  Dawn Gonzalez

Music Director:  Okley Gibbs

Piano:  Jim Scott-Miller

Greeters:  Taylor Wineland, Suzie Heffernan

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Lori Bechtold

SGT of Arms
SETUP:  Shane Sullivan


Ron Prettyman
 Jun 14, 2017
 Jun 16, 2017
 Jun 16, 2017

Program Committee Contact:  Okley Gibbs

Invocation:  Okley Gibbs

Music Director:  Brad Burklund

Piano:  Jim Scott-Miller

Greeters:  TBD

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Lindy Pfingsten

SGT of Arms
SETUP:  John Marburger

CLEANUP:  Shane Sullivan
AV:  John Marburger

Teresa Houser
 Jun 21, 2017
John Ewing, Club President
 Jun 28, 2017
James Goedert, Ph. D.
 Jul 05, 2017
Ernie Goss
 Jul 12, 2017
Dr. Shipla Buch
 Jul 19, 2017
 Jul 21, 2017
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 Jul 26, 2017
Club Foundation Board
 Aug 02, 2017
Mary O'Donohue
 Sep 06, 2017
District Governor, Tom Cardwell
 Oct 25, 2017