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Program Committee Contact:  Pam Peterson

Invocation:  Todd Murphy

Music Director:  Francis Lajba

Piano:  Christine Pharr

Greeters:  Lindy Pfingsten, Fr. Lloyd Gnirk

Navigator:  Steve Carper

Registration:  Michelle Holmes

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CLEANUP: Okley Gibbs  
AV:  John Marburger

Kent Kubie, IBM
 May 17, 2017

Please join us for Business Networking Day.
This event takes the place of our normal weekly meeting.
You have a choice of three locations to sign up for.
Each location is a $10 fee which we would like paid in advance or for you to use your Fast Pass.
(It is $10.60 for PayPal)
There is no "no lunch" reduced rate for this meeting.

Locations include:

#1 Business Networking Location

Company:  Omaha World Herald Freedom Center (capacity 25)
Address:    1398 Capitol Ave, Omaha
Rotarian Host: Phil Taylor (402) 960-1171


 #2 Business Networking Location

Company:       Ronald McDonald House Charities in Omaha (capacity 20)
Address:    620 S 38th Ave   
Rotarian Host:  Lindsey Rai Reasner (714) 878-4908


#3 Business Networking Location

Company:       Autism Center of Nebraska (capacity 20)
Address:          9012 Q Street, Omaha
Rotarian Host:  Rosemary Opbroek (402) 660-6193

Get additional details and sign up HERE.

Business Networking Day
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