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Where: Tavern 4&5 in Eden Prairie 
All are welcome! 
Questions? Interested in joining the club? Would you like to speak to our club? 
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    John Urbanski
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Dec 23, 2021
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Dec 30, 2021 12:00 PM
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Weekly Update
At this week's meeting, we heard from Keith Witter of the Stablish Foundation.  The main idea of the Stablish Foundation is to meet your philanthropic goals through planned giving. This business is involved in donor advised funds, and these can be set up while you are dead or alive. If this is set up while the client is alive, they are able to direct where their funds will go once they have passed. With this method, you can be as specific as you would like as to where your money as going. Another benefit of Stablish Foundation is that your money will never be pooled with anyone else's, meaning there is no risk in losing it. If you are interested in finding help for your future financial planning, please visit the Stablish Foundation website!
This past Thursday, 09/04/2, we had the pleasure of hearing from one of our fellow members Holly Callen speak on the Rotary Foundation, after all, November is The Rotary Foundation month! During our meeting, we specifically talked about the Annual Fund of the Rotary Foundation. 

At this weeks meeting, we had one of our own members speak, Tom Thorfinnson. The main focus of Tom's speech was to focus in on ways to grow our club. The four main ways to do that is through engagement, reaching out, impacting, and improving our image. As a group, we decided to actively focus on growing our impact and engagement. We are looking to grow through new projects that can help the community or through ways to get more people involved in our club.

Today -10/14/2021- we were able to hear from an amazing and engaging speaker David LaVaque and LR Nelson. They discussed their book "Tourney Time" which is a hockey book that discusses "75 years of big names and memorable games." It especially focuses on the state tournaments for hockey. It took them 3 years to make it and went through 400 interviews. David has done articles for the StarTribune on hockey. And LR Nelson has done other articles for several companies in the nation for several sports. HERE is a link to purchase their book! You could get one as a gift for a hockey player you know of or for your personal book collection!
Thank you David and LR!
Last Thursday, October 7th, we heard from speaker John Haggenmiller from SouthWest Transit. He discussed the affects that Covid-19 had on the company. They had seen a 90% decline in business, which has slowly started to pick up again. Before March of 2020, they transported around 1,800 passengers per day, and it is now down to about 400 passengers per day.
Additionally, they have another branch of transportation called SouthWest Prime, which is the public transit equivalent of Uber. You can schedule a SouthWest Prime bus to take you wherever you need within a certain service area. They have recently opened their service area to the MSP airport; you can schedule this up to 2 weeks in advance, and they can take you to and from the airport. In 2019, SouthWest Prime created another branch called Prime MD. Prime MD is used as a non-emergency medical service that is mainly targeted towards elders who have a hard time finding transportation to appointments.
At our July 22nd meeting, we were pleased to have Olivia Urbanski speak about her current work at the US State Department Office of Global Change.  She is a Climate Policy Officer working on climate negotiations in the areas of gender and climate education.  Olivia’s team works hand-in-hand with the office of the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry.  Olivia also spoke of the various experiences that shaped her views on the environment and led her to this position, including college internships in Sweden, Alaska, Kenya and Washington DC. 
Be sure to join us for a meeting to hear more great speakers like this!   We’ll buy you lunch!
At our July 8 meeting we thanked outgoing club president Mike Thomas (and incoming club treasurer) for his service during a challenging year. And, we welcomed our new club president, Sam "Tuna" Eicher. Rotary offers many great opportunities for developing leadership skills, making a positive impact on your community, and meeting many great people with a shared commitment to community service. Come check us out, your first three lunches are on us!
At this week’s meeting we had the opportunity to have Alan Anderson from Rotary Climate Action Team join us and talk about the actions steps his team and Rotary as a whole have been taking to make the world have less co2 pollution. 
There have been many challenges that we have faced with climate change in the past years. Last year an assessment of the climate change was conducted. What they found out is that climate change is happening now and it's primarily caused by co2 emissions from burning fossil fuels. The damages that have been caused by these emissions were demand irreversible. But Rotary as a whole is taking action adding climate action to one of the biggest problems they face. 
What we learned from Alan was we are adding about 40 billion tons of extra co2 to the earth’s atmosphere every year. When we add those co2 gas emissions to the earth everything gets warmer. They cause the earths temperature to rise dramatically. Going back to pre-industrial times the co2 never overcame 280 parts per million. Since we have started to burn fossil fuels, we have almost double are co2 emissions to 417 parts to million and steadily raising. 
But there is hope. Many cities and counties across the Minnesota area are considering switching over to electric transportation. In Northfield, Minnesota they are considering adding charging stations for travelers and they are also looking at being able to recycle materials used in the production of these modes of transportation to create a cycle of sustainability. 
Alan and other will keep working towards a better and cleaner future for everyone. Thank you, Alan, for coming and speaking with us about climate change and we wish you luck on your progress to lower co2 emissions in the earth atmosphere. 
This week, we were very fortunate to hear from Ryan Rowe, who is the Executive Director of the Haiti National Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Initiative (HANWASH). This organization's mission is to develop and implement business-based best practices for public and private sector collaboration to deliver drinking water and sanitation to all citizens of Haiti. Their vision includes universal and sustainable access to safely managed water and sanitation, and the promotion of good hygiene practices throughout Haiti. 
Ryan explained to us some of HANWASH's more recent goals/projects. These include promoting HANWASH's values and mission to increase public interest, delivering successful projects based on their model of collective action, and strengthening the capacity of stakeholders to develop, regulate and coordinate the sector. Ryan also showed us a map that showed water system data, and explained the different levels of sanitation, and showed us where the water in Haiti is potable and where it is not. Lastly, Ryan shared with us some of HANWASH's many partners and collaborators, including DINEPA, Hope for Haiti, Water Missions International Haiti Outreach, and more. 
Thank you so much for speaking with us, Ryan!