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Opioids, Part of the Fix: the Steve Rummler Foundation
The Rotary has a strong commitment to play a significant part in the search for relief from the scourge of drug addiction especially opioids. We are partnered, as is our practice, with a phenomenal organization dedicated to helping to solve the problem called the Steve Rummler Foundation.

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Weekly Update
Having no ties at all to Arabic or the religion of Islam John Emery, the speaker for February 8, was in for a real surprise when he joined the army as a translator and was told he would be learning Arabic. After his time as a translator he joined the Islamic Resource Group(IRG) as a speaker to inform others on Islam and its 1.5 billion followers.
John spoke about the stereotypes associated with Islam; one of the main points was most of the stereotypes associated with Muslims is a cultural thing and not a religious thing. A common misconception is that the Quran, the holy book for Muslims, promotes violence but it actually promotes peace and only talks about being violent to the small amount of people that are promoting violence instead of peace. 15% of Muslims from Arabic countries and of that 15% a small amount of people are using religion as a back for promoting war and terror. John taught us that these actions are not backed by the Quran and these people are using religion to better spread their message.
People need to understand the similarities and differences in Religions to be more accepting of each other. The goal of the IRG is to build bridges of understand between Minnesota Muslims and the broader Minnesota community. By training speakers to educate the Minnesota community the IRG hopes to build relationships between people of all religions.
“The biggest gap lies between what we know and what we do,” says Jason Hunt, this week’s speaker on February 1, 2018. Hunt has a background in the education system as a principal of a junior high school. Through sharing his person story of becoming a leader in education, he shared his opinion of what leadership really is.
One insight that Hunt shared is that leadership is not about titles or positions; rather that influence is necessary to create followers. Five steps to being a great leader according to Hunt are as follows:
  1. Give people your ear, be a good listener
  2. Give people your praise
  3. Give them a responsibility, not a delegation. Empower somebody and help them to grow in their own abilities
  4. Give them confidence
  5. Give them you. Let go of your ego and your personal desires and help others accomplish.
Change does not happen through an event; it happens gradually. Above all, be engaged and be someone who cares. The influence necessary to gain followers is much more easily created when there is a charismatic human being to follow. In the words of Hunt, “good times we put in our pockets and the hard times we put in our hearts.” Our experiences and personality contribute to the leadership potential we all possess.
Coming back from the army it’s hard to adjust back to every day life, it’s even harder to find a stable job. Mike Wolbrink, the speaker for the week of January 25, has made it his mission to help veterans go back into the workforce.
Mike Wolbrink was a US Army Airborne Ranger and wanted to help other veterans like him. Mike founded Azule Staffing and made it his mission to help veterans get meaning employment. Along with finding jobs for veterans, Azule Staffing has branched out and all the profits go into the Azule Foundation and Azule Cyber, which trains ands staffs’ veterans in IT security careers. They have made serving veterans their number one priory so all the profits go back to the veterans.
Veterans can learn the skills required for the position but you can’t teach other people all the skills you learn while in the army. That makes hiring a veteran more valuable to your company. One reason veterans struggle to find meaningful employment is because they don’t know how to translate skills they have learned from the army on their resume. Azule Staffing will help them with this by working with the veteran and offering help with all the veterans needs.
Azule Staffing was founded in 2012 and has won many awards for there work with veterans.