New Member Orientation Checklist
The Rotary Club of Amarillo has developed this list of activities that we feel will help you learn about the club, get involved in meetings and other activities, and allow you to explore the opportunities of Rotary.  As you complete each item on the check list, you need to report to your Mentor or the Club Secretary. We hope that you can complete all of the activities within six months, however there is no time limit for completion.  When you have finished all the listed items, turn your completed check list into the club office.  The secretary will then arrange for your "Blue Badge" presentation at a club meeting.
Attend a New Member Orientation meeting ____________
Serve as leader for two head table functions ____________/________
Function as a Greeter at three club meetings ____________/________/______
Host visiting Rotarians at your place of business ____________
Display Object of Rotary and Four-Way Test at place of business ____________
Attend a meeting at two other Rotary clubs ____________
Demonstrate use of Official Directory to mentor ____________
Present a Mini-Classification Talk to the Club ____________
Bring a guest to a Rotary Club meeting _____________
Attend a Board of Directors meeting _____________
Participate in one hands-on Rotary project _____________
Have perfect attendance for one month.  Month of _________  _____________
Secure a committee assignment and meet chairperson _____________
Attend a District Function