Youth Exchange

The Opportunity of a Lifetime
    Imagine being a young teenager, leaving home for the first time to live in a foreign country with strangers. It would take  mature, brave and adventurous young men and women to make the commitment and fulfill the obligation of becoming foreign exchange students. Rotary International provides this opportunity to young men and women from around the globe.


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)
Camp RYLA is a youth program of Rotary International that teaches leadership, character development, free enterprise and patriotism. District 5730 sponsors Girls and Boys in either their junior or senior year to attend "Rotary Youth Leadership Awards" RYLA camp each summer.  Dates and location of each camp are provided in the events section of the website.  RYLA provides a unique opportunity for the Rotary Clubs of District 5730 to combine their efforts in  district-wide youth project to make the youth in our communities aware of the great opportunities for service and accomplishment.
The Young people participating in this experience are carefully selected for their leadership abilities, scholarship and excellent moral standards.  Campers learn the blessings and responsibilities of being a citizen of a free society.  They gain and appreciation for how important the Ojbect of Rotary and the Rotary 4-Way Test are in establishing moral and ethical values and the ideals of service above self.  RYLA includes programs on topics designed to teach those things seen as vital ingredients in successful leaders such as fundamentals of leadership, problem solving and conflict management, building self-confidence and self-esteem, elements of community and global citizenship, sportmanship, competition, physical fitness, spirituality and character.
By working with today's leaders, Camp RYLA is trying to help guarnatee a bright future for today's and tomorrow's generations.  The sessions at Camp RYLA provide informal talks by selected speakers followed by discussion groups.  Camp RYLA looks to remove the "generation gap" between adult and youth leaders and to foster understanding and goodwill for those who participate through its rap sessions and recreational activities in a beautiful setting.
The 2014 RYLA students sponsored by our club. 


Serving the Youth of our Community
What is this mentoring program you have been hearing about?
It is a collaborative effort between our local Rotary Clubs and Amarillo Women's Network available to area high school Juniors and Seniors.  This program is in it's 27th year and is only possible because members of our clubs and community volunteer to serve as mentors.
Therefore, I think that it is only appropriate to say, "Thank you" to our mentors, past and present.  If you have or are currently considering being a mentor, thank you, as well for your consideration of this worthy program!  Here is some additional information that may be helpful to you:
As a mentor, you determine the amount of time that you commit to the program, though we recommend 4-5 visits with your student during the school year.
We make every effort to match mentors with students who share their interest and enthusiasm in their chosen field.  However, you already know that people and interests change.  Students are no exception and so it is worth noting that many skills transcend career choices.  Your life and business experiences are of relevance/worth sharing with ANY student.  (Examples of potential topics include:  business/teaching plans, marketing strategies, target marketing, work ethic, quality vs. quantity, sense of urgency, two-way communication, performance appraisal, professionalism, proper attire, profit vs. non-profit, community involvement/service, networking, financial/credit ratings, paying for college, grants/scholarships/work-study/internships.  You are also at liberty to introduce them to your professional peers, work environment and events for the purpose of expanding their knowledge, community network and future opportunities - hopefully, in Amarillo!!!) 
Please see Corinna Isbell or Bill Summerhill for additional information about this program.


Amarillo High has created our first Rotary Interact Club.