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Fifty Forward Martin Center
960 Heritage Way
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Due to COVID-19 we meet utilizing Zoom and limited in-person meetings
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Keely Hall
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A friendly reminder that we will not be meeting this Friday but will be back together again next week, April 9 to hear from new Vanderbilt head football coach, Clark Lea. I also wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the more important portions of my “State of the Club” address from last week:
  1. Beginning with next week’s meeting, we will be reinstituting our previous Club attendance policy of at least 60% meeting attendance (though “Rule of 85” members are of course exempt from this policy.) But please note that attendance by Zoom counts just like attending in-person! We will go back to keeping records of in-person as well as “live” Zoom attendance. BUT if you decide instead to attend a meeting by watching the recorded video after Linas posts it online, OR if you attend another gathering of Rotarians as a make-up, it’s important for you to please make sure you let Donna know, so we can give you credit for that.
  2. Because we expect attendance (and thus meeting/meal costs) to begin rising slowly back to where they were pre-COVID, we will also be gradually phasing in a return to our regular quarterly dues rate. This quarter (April-Jun), our dues will go to $200. Then beginning next quarter (July-September) dues will revert back to where they were pre-COVID (and have been since 2014) at $275/quarter. If you have any questions or concerns about how this gradual return to the original dues rate will work, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to me.
  3. Navigating this pandemic as an organization that thrives on gathering weekly in-person to eat a meal together has been difficult to say the least. …But, while attendance has understandably taken a hit over the past 12 months due to varying risk profiles, schedule demands, and comfort levels, etc. of our members, the state of our overall Club remains strong. So far this Rotary year (Rotary year runs July 1-June 30), the number of new people we’ve approved for membership in the Club (including those currently waiting out their 2 week publication in Reflections) is more than double the number of members we’ve had resign. We’ve actually been growing our membership – in addition to growing the size and scope of our BRCCF grants, growing in our age, gender, and racial diversity, and ultimately growing in our overall impact in the community of Brentwood. The state of our Club is strong! And if you haven’t already done so, now is a great time to recommit yourself to the Rotary passions that first attracted you to this amazing Club. We are going to come out of this pandemic with renewed energy and focus, and I really do think we’re entering another “golden age” for this storied club!
Yours in Rotary Service,
Keely Hall
President Rotary Club of Brentwood
Members Resigned 2020-2021 Rotary Year
New Members in 2020-2021 Rotary Year
​​Family of Rotary
Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers:  
  • Bob Sircy will be having a double knee replacement.
  • Bill McCarthy's wife, Kay, is recovering from her 4th major surgery.
  • Larry Foust, Bob Bellenfant, and Robert and Dottie Fidler.
If you have information concerning "Family of Rotary," please email Sonna Robinson at, Donna Weeks at or Keely Hall at
Proposed New Members Benner, Rall, Cook, Nielsen 
Proposed New Members:
For your review.  If you know of any reason why these persons would NOT be good members of the Rotary Club of Brentwood, please share your concerns with the club president.  This listing will be posted for two weeks for review by club members.
Zach Benner has been proposed for membership by Jack Massari in the classification Healthcare-Weight Loss.
Jodi Rall has been proposed for membership by Michael Kaplan in the classification of Medicare-Publishing.
Jason Cook (former club member) has been proposed for membership by Jane Covington in the classification of Communications-Engineer.
Jordyn Nielsen has been proposed for membership by Keely Hall in the classification of Health Facilities-Assisted Living.
2020 Rotary Golf Classic - A Success!

2020 Rotary Golf Classic

Declared a Success!

On September 21, 124 golfers gathered on a beautiful sun splashed day at the Brentwood Country Club to compete in the 4th annual Rotary Golf Classic. Assisted by 17 Rotary Club members working the event under the leadership of Suzie Lindsey, everyone had a fun day and the tournament was a financial success for the club’s foundation. For the 3rd year, LBMC was our presenting Sponsor and their contribution makes the tournament work, they’ve been a great partner for us. 

In a year with many unknowns, the club members were able to sell 176 sponsorships which totaled in excess of $ 115,000. After expenses for the tournament, the BRCCF saw a net profit of $ 82,000 which will be used to fund Grants to local and other organizations around the world. Our Funding Partners this year, Graceworks Ministries, Saddle Up!, and BrightStone will each receive a generous donation for their ongoing, good work in our community.

With Michael Kaplan leading his Sales Team with personal sales of $ 10,550 (14 Sponsors), the Kaplan Team set a new Team Sales record of $ 18,330! Congratulations to Michael and his team for a sensational effort. Jennifer Bourne’s team finished 2nd, but also eclipsed the prior team sales record with sales of $ 12,700 – great job Bourne Team!!

We look forward to next year with new ideas and plans knowing that this event has yet to reach it true potential as a fund raiser for our club. Come be a part next year and join the fun!

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May 14, 2021
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