1. Every Rotarian Every Year - minimum $100 Foundation Drive*
  2. Earn Presidential Citation Award
  3. Increase membership by net 2
  4. Earn highest amount in the history of the Annual Golf Tournament
  5. Raise at least $350,000.00 for the Inclusive Playground
  6. Raise community awareness of our Club by more Social Media exposure*
  7. Contribute at least $3000 from our club to the Polio Plus 
  8. Have at least 1 member register to attend 2022 RI Convention in Houston
  9. Add to club diversity*
  10. Send two members to Rotary Leadership Institute
  11. Ask that all members log into ClubRunner and to myrotary.org*
  12. Reopen Pancake Day as a community event and raise community awareness
  13. Send at least one youth to Rotary Youth Leadership Academy
  14. Grant funding from District Directed Funds of at least $20,000 for Inclusive Playground
  15. Continue strong support of RI Foundation* and BRCCF
  16. Add at least three members to Paul Harris Society

    Rotary International Goal* _100%___Goal accomplished