Apr 21, 2023
Beth Malow, MD, Vanderbilt University
Health aspects of Daylight Saving Time and TN State Legislation to elminate Daylight Savings Time

Dr. Beth Malow holds the Burry Endowed Chair in Cognitive Childhood Development, is Professor and Vice-Chair for Academic Affairs in the Department of Neurology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and is Director of the Vanderbilt Sleep Division.

Throughout Beth's career, she gained experience in communicating with the public and policy makers to advance science and public health in a variety of areas. She currently serves as a discussion leader and workshop developer for Braver Angels, a non-profit bipartisan organization focused on bridging the political divide.  She also serves as a Vice President for Education for Toastmasters Brentwood Early Risers.

 Beth has testified to a US Congressional Committee on the health benefits of ending Daylight Saving Time, our topic for today. She's been interviewed by the Washington Post, NPR, PBS Newshour, and the Rolling Stone. She's currently involved in grassroots efforts in TN to have that state opt out of Daylight Saving Time and adopt Permanent Standard Time.