Join us on Tuesday evenings, 6 to 7 pm, at James E McNellie's Public House and learn more about our group. You don't have to come with someone and you don't have to pay anything.  How easy is that?    

Always check our Facebook page to make sure we aren't meeting somewhere else around town on the night you want to visit.

You've had a chance to visit and you still want to come back... that's awesome!  Now you're probably wondering how to become a member. Here's a few steps you need to complete before that can happen:
  • Attend at least 3 Midtown Rotary Meetings. You need to get to know us just as much as we want to get to know you. 
  • Attend at least 1 "Fun Night" event. If one of the above meetings happens to be a "Fun Night," you've killed two birds with one stone. 
  • Participate in 1 volunteer activity with the club. 
  • Have a current Midtown Rotarian agree that you should join the club and nominate you for membership.
  • The first night you've been announced as applying for membership, you're going to be the Rotarian of the Day, give us a bit of inspiration and tell us about yourself. It's painless. Really.   

Now you're a Rotarian. Bet you're wondering what is expected of you.
  • We have weekly meetings. Do you have to be there every week? No. As much as we want that to happen, we understand that can sometimes be hard. Rotary guidelines mandate that you attend at least 50% of the meetings in a 6 month period, 30% of which have to be at our club. What does that mean? If you aren't able to attend Midtown Rotary one night, make-up at another club in the metro - or around the world! Big no-no, missing 4 or more consecutive meetings in a row. If you see that coming, talk to the board and we'll work around it. 
  • Volunteer! Midtown Rotary loves hands-on service projects and we try to schedule one each month. Join us as we help out at arts festivals, music performances, community events, and more. 
  • Be involved! We'll ask you to join one of our committees and get involved in the club. Don't worry. We won't give you the hardest task straight out of the gate. We just want you to learn more about how we work and contribute ideas to make us even better. 
  • Pay quarterly dues. Your first invoice is a little higher to account for administrative costs. After that first quarter, you'll pay dues of $95.00. That's only $31.67 a month.