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Les Bulluss
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Fellow Rotarians and friends 
Unfortunately, we had to postpone last week’s speaker due to low numbers registered.  I’m told that the members who did attend shared a very pleasant meal and social outing.  We will hear from Act of Kids sometime in the next Rotary year.  It’s timely to repeat part of my column in the Rotarlight of 28 February.  I’ve had some members ask about meeting frequency, the below hopefully will answer their questions.   
My column that week had the below. 
'Just a reminder that next week is a night off as March is a five Tuesday month as discussed at the July and November Club Assemblies.    
In May and June, in consultation with incoming President Peter, we are going to trial two meetings at the Hotel (first and third Tuesday) and the second Tuesday of both months with no meeting.  There will be a Hub evening on 25 May and the Changeover on 29 June.  I stress this is not a fait accompli, simply a trial.  Importantly, your feedback to Peter and the 21-22 board will determine how, when and frequency of meetings moving forward'.  
This is a try before you buy, if it’s not to the liking of the members, then it can revert as per Peters reply to me when suggested.   
Our average attendance from 43, sits around 23 at the hotel, more at the Hub.  I appreciate health issues have an impact on some members attending and most honorary members don’t attend.  However, many members average attendance twice a month at best, that coupled with the meal quality issues, we thought the May/June trial was worth having. 
As per my email to members yesterday, the club has been offered a pre-screening of the movie ‘Son of the South’ at Robina Cinemas on Wednesday 19 May.  As we haven’t got a meeting scheduled that week, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for a fund raising event for Polio. 
We require 50 attendees to as a minimum to cover costs, with entry at $20pp as per last time.  Every attendee over the minimum of 50 sees $20 go towards Polio. 

Based on advice from members, I have already invited other clubs along as well.  Please let me know by 5pm Saturday if you can attend, how many would be attending so a decision can be made, and advice given to the Cinemas and other clubs.  A final decision will be made based on numbers by 5pm Monday 10 May. 
The District Conference is just under 2 weeks away on Saturday 15th May at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads. It is a one-day event starting at 9am. Click here for more information and booking details. 
Next weekend, we are also sizzling at Bunnings on Sunday the 16th.   Thanks very much to those who have volunteered. 
Until next week,. 
Yours in Rotary 
FINANCE REPORT - Noel Phingsthorne
Meeting   04 May 2021     
Fines $ Sausage Sizzle                
Copper Pot     $    
TOTAL $Nil                           
No report this week
No report this week
9 Broadbeach Members 
Visiting Rotarians                                                                                                       
   Guest Speaker 
Guest Kathy Lewis
10 Total Attendance 
Tuesday 11 May 2021.
Tonight, past member Ros Byrne will present a report on Domestic Violence.
Tuesday 11 May 2021
Door:          Peter Dimond & Noel Hodges      
Sergeant:   David O'Dwyer
Toast:         Andrew McTaggart
Scribe:        Rock O'Keefe
Tuesday 18 May 2021
Door:          Peter Dimond & Noel Hodges      
Sergeant:   David O'Dwyer
Toast:         Ray Milton
Scribe:        Brian Pearson
Tuesday 25 May 2021
No meeting
Sausage Sizzle Sunday 16 May 2021
7.00am-11.00am:  Malcolm Daviess, Brian Pearson, Ros Byrne & ??
11.00am-3.00pm:  Harold BuschRay Milton, Noel Phingsthorne & ??
Scooter Pick Up
May 1st to 15th       Neil Baldwin & Nasser Kaviani
May 16th to 31st.    Harold Busch & Ray Milton
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No Meeting tonight - 18th May
Quality Hotel
May 18, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Club Meeting at the Hub
Broadbeach Rotary Hub
May 25, 2021
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Jun 01, 2021
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Jun 29, 2021
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‘TV Killed the Radio’ Membership Summit
Rotary District 9640 Membership Workshop
Attendees – Club Membership Champions now and next year
Sunday 23 May 2021, Quality Hotel, Markeri Street, Mermaid Waters QLD
  1. To learn from the successful growth in 2020/21.
  2. To develop plans for the continued growth of club membership and engagement of members.
Coffee & Tea
DG Andy
Welcome and Outline of Program
Overview of District 9640’s achievements for the year to date and the strategies that made this happen. 
The World Around Us
0950 - 1040
David Baguley
What has / will change in our world post Covid-19
External Scan in small group / large group to identify key changes that impact on Rotary membership
Workshop –
Where are opportunities and/or threats
Changes allocated to groups to identify opportunities and threats from change.   Report back to plenary with findings
What can we learn from our 2020-21 Growth?
1115 - 1145
Rowan Johnstone
Successful Growth Stories
  • Iluka-Woombah
  • Ballina on Richmond
  • Allora
  • Warwick
  • Jimboomba
David Baguley
Workshop – best ideas / strategies
Group clubs by size to discuss best approach for each size.
Eric Lewis
Demonstration of use of demographics to target growth opportunities.
How to use population statistics to improve club diversity 
Rowan Johnstone
Attracting Business Leaders
  • Varsity Lakes
  • Currumbin Beach
  • Lismore Networking
  • Gold Coast Corporate
  • Gold Coast Passport
David Baguley
Group clubs by size to select best approach for each club size.
Developing a Plan -
1300 - 1315
David Baguley
Have a plan
SWOT of your club’s membership practices.
Take Away Actions for 2021/22 to consolidate, engage and grow.
1315 - 1320
DG Andy
Close Meeting
1330 -1430

Scribe: Ray Milton
9 Intrepid members and 1 guest Kathy Lewis enjoyed drinks and an informal dinner in the Bistro of the Hotel last night
A relaxing and enjoyable time was enjoyed by all
Our meals were very tasty and we were well looked after by Hotel staff
The week in Pictures
9 members and guest enjoying the night
Fellowship before dinner
Enjoying great meals
That's what you call a great serve of ribs
Famous insults and comments 
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  • “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.” ― Oscar Wilde
  • “I've had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it.” ― Groucho Marx
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    — Churchill's response
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  • “A member of Parliament to Disraeli: 'Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.'
    That depends, Sir,' said Disraeli, 'whether I embrace your policies or your mistress.” ― Benjamin Disraeli
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  • “He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.” ― Paul Keating
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“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”  

Mark Twain
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