The winner of this year’s Police Officer of the year was Senior Constable Kurt Foessel.
Kurt has run the Elanora Police Beat for many years.  This year was his eighth nomination in a row, so clearly his dedication continues year after year.
ImageCongratulations Kurt.     Pictured above is Kurt, along with our DG Wendy Scarlett & BBRC President John Monks.

There were two other categories- the Station/Establishment of the year, recognising team work and performance.  Also the Administrative Assistant of the Year.   The winners for these categories were:
•   Tiffany A’Bell (Major Events Planning) Administrative Assistant of the Year and
•   The Gold Coast Dog Squad for the establishment of the year. 

Ray Milton, Rotary Club of Broadbeach was awarded a District Officer Certificate by the QPS for his co-ordination of the event over the past 10 years.  Great job Ray !!!