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Our April 27, 2019 Trivia Night was a huge success. The Proceeds from the night exceeded $3600.
THANK YOU to all our guests who enjoyed a fun filled night for a very important cause.
To the Lions Club, American Legion, Habitat and the members of the Rotary Club, a heartfelt WELL DONE!
Trivia Night for Veterans Housing
Join us on April 27, 2019 to make a lasting difference in the lives of veterans and their families!
 We are working with Habitat for Humanity to build two new homes for Veterans in Plymouth, Ma. This will be a fun event with snacks, prizes, and you'll feel like you REALLY made a difference at the end of the night.  DON'T MISS IT!
Serving our Senior Community
The Duxbury Rotary Club helped to sponsor a luncheon complete with "bubbly" and entertainment featuring Dan Clark, the Singing Trooper and his wife, Mary, to serenade Duxbury Seniors for a New Years Eve at Noon Party on 12/31/2018. The music was a huge hit as Dan and Mary saluted each of the nations services and did traditional holiday songs.
Each year the Duxbury Rotary Club dons their best waitstaff outfits and serves the Seniors in our community, giving them cheery smiles, a few jokes, and helping them to enjoy the present moment though they may be mourning the loss of dear ones.
It is a blessing for us to serve them.
Be sure to view more pictures with our Photo Albums links on the left side of the page.
The Duxbury Rotary Club helped to sponsor a luncheon complete with "bubbly" and entertainment featuring Dan Clark, the Singing Trooper and his wife, Mary, to serenade Duxbury Seniors for a New Years Eve at Noon Party on 12/31/2018. The music was a huge hit as Dan and Mary saluted each of the nations services and did traditional holiday songs.  Each year the Duxbury Rotary Club dons their best waitstaff outfits and serves the Seniors in our community, giving them cheery smiles, a few jokes, and helping them to enjoy the present moment though they may be mourning the loss of dear ones.  It is a blessing for us to serve them.
Holly Days Tree Lighting
We hope you and your family got to enjoy this year's Holly Days Tree Lighting, the singing by the Duxbury High School Chorus, the cookies, the hot cocoa and, of course, the special visit from Santa Claus. Please see more pictures in our photo albums on the left side of the page.
10 Yrs of Empowering Afghan Girls

Join the Duxbury Rotary Club on October 20th at the North Hill Golf Course for an evening celebrating:

  10 years of Empowering Afghan Girls Through Education.

Razia Jan, Duxbury Rotary Club Member and Founder of the Zabuli School in Afganistan will be present to update the community on the progress of the school as well as the challenges that lay ahead.

Come to understand, be inspired, and to become part of a wave of change in Afghanistan valuing women as a vital part of their society.


Annual Duck Race June 16, 2018
Thank you to all who made this a very successful event.                                                    
We Are People of Action
Planned home for a Veteran The Duxbury Rotary Club has been supporting Habitat for Humanity's Veterans Build initiative for two years and now the dream is coming true. Jim Middleton, Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth will be the guest speaker on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 to update the Club on progress and to finalize the date of our planned work day at the site.
Why don't you join us at the meeting to hear the details and be a part of making good things happen for other people?
The meeting is at the Duxbury Senior Center at 6:30PM on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.  PLEASE RSVP to the President through the link at his name.
Rev. Philomena Hare talks about making a difference.
Rev. Hare, a member of the Brockton Rotary Club, will be the guest speaker at the Duxbury Rotary Club meeting on Wed., May 16th.
She will discuss her own experience in making a difference in the lives of people who suffer from respiratory illnesses in Latin America.
The meeting starts at 6:30PM at the Duxbury Senior Center.  Public is welcome, please RSVP to the Rotary President, Fred L'Ecuyer using the link on the Club Officers section of this page.
Come Join Us for Sunset on the Beach

It's going to be a beautiful day Wednesday, May 2, 2018 with temps in the 80's and we're all itching to get outdoors to enjoy the weather. The Duxbury Rotary Club meeting will be on Duxbury Beach to enjoy the evening and the sunset. (Find us near the residents parking lot. Look for a canopy.)
We'll have as our our special guest Dr. Sara Gagne who is a chiropractic physician and will be joining us to demonstrate how to avoid "That achin' back" as we do our spring yard work, raking, edging, planting, fertilizing.
Stop by our canopy and take in the demonstration with Dr. Sara at about 6:45 PM.


Come and join us with your friends and neighbors to help build a home for a veteran.
The Duxbury Rotary Club started an effort two years ago to help Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a veteran in Plymouth County. The Duxbury American Legion and the Duxbury Lions Club have since joined our efforts and now we have two homes underway in Plymouth as well as an effort to get a home built right here in Duxbury.
We're running a Trivia Night on March 24th @ 6:30PM in the Duxbury American Legion Hall (RTE 3A and RTE 14). Bring a team of 10 people for $200 or show up and meet new friends for $20 pp.
Take a look at the house designs in our photo album "2017 Veterans Housing a Reality in Plymouth" on this page.
New Years Eve @ Noon 2017
The Duxbury Rotary Club sponsored their annual New Years Eve Party for Seniors on December 29, 2017.
Over 80 citizens attended and were entertained by Dan Clark (The Singing Trooper) and his wife, Mary. Rotarians acted as waitstaff and the Duxbury Senior Center Staff cooked the meal. It was a great joint effort to make a difference in the lives of our citizens.
Holiday Tree Lighting

Duxbury, MA November 15, 2017


Could Global Warming Bring Santa Early to Duxbury?


Strange things are going on above the Arctic Circle. The Northwest Passage is opening, Greenland glaciers are in retreat, and weather patterns are in a state of constant flux. All this has thrown off the elves in Santa’s workshop, who’ve spent the past two thousand years making toys for children on a predictable schedule.


“It’s been real confusing for us,” said Myles Elfenssen, Manager for New England Toy Production, “Without the usual long, cold winter to slow us down, we’re almost a month ahead of schedule. We’re packed and ready for Christmas, and it’s only mid November!” Sources close to the Claus family say their Chief Giving Officer is worried his reindeer will get fat on all the extra hay they’ve been eating, and without exercise, might be hard-pressed to complete their rounds this Christmas.


Hearing about Santa’s plight, members of the Duxbury Rotary Club have come up with a solution—they’ve invited Santa to visit the children of Duxbury this coming Sunday, as part of their annual tree lighting ceremony. “We estimate a ride of approximately 3,334 miles between the pole and the Town Green on Washington Street.” Said Fred L’Ecuyer, the club’s President, “Double that for the return trip, and I think Dasher, Dancer and company should burn off enough calories to get them in shape for the big ride on December 24th.”


Good news for Duxbury—Santa has accepted the Rotary Club’s invitation! There isn’t quite enough room to land his sleigh on the green, so he’ll be picked up from a secret location by the Duxbury Fire Department and delivered to the ceremony a little after sunset on Sunday, November 26th.


The Duxbury Rotary Club invites everyone to bring their children and grandchildren to meet Mr. Claus and enjoy some hot chocolate and cookies.

POST-SANTA DEBRIEFING REPORT: Santa did indeed arrive, bringing lots of joy to the Duxbury community. The Duxbury Girl Scouts and the Duxbury High School Choir showed up to sing and the Duxbury Rotary Club served up hot chocolate and cookies to over 300 very happy people.
One resident with two small children enthusiastically said "It's the best event in Town all year!"
Duxbury Rotary Makes A Big Splash
Duck Race Splashdown 2017The Duxbury Rotary Club's annual Duck Race created a big splash this year on June 24th at the Bluefish River!
In addition to the main Duck Race pictured above, the Club also hosted a MegaDuck Race with 15 entrants from participating merchants. There was also fun to be had for kids anxious to score points against those pigs in the Angry Ducks Game.
Our great thanks go out to all the people who donated to the event which helps us throughout the year in our charitable efforts.
Duxbury Rotary Club, Lions Club, American Legion and Habitat For HumanityJoin Forces For VeteransThe Duxbury Rotary Club, Lions Club, American Legion and South Shore Habitat for Humanity have joined forces to make a difference for a Veteran in our community.  These three organizations have been busy raising funds to help Habitat build a home for an eligible veteran and the first check was presented to South Shore Habitat for Humanity on June 7, 2017.

Duxbury Rotary, Legion and Lions Clubs Are Helping to Make Veterans Housing a Reality
The Duxbury Rotary Club has been working with the Duxbury American Legion Post, the Duxbury Lions Club and Greater Plymouth Habitat for Humanity to bring affordable housing to veterans of our nations armed forces. The three clubs have worked together to support the Rotary Clubs' Trivia Nights fundraisers and the site work started on two brand new homes designated for veterans by Greater Plymouth Habitat for Humanity.
Please check out the photo album showing the designs and plot plan.
Duxbury Rotary Club Supports Lions Share Food Pantry
On April 5, 2017, the Duxbury Rotary Club President, Steve Dubuque, presented a check to the Duxbury Lions Club President, Paul McCormick and Food Pantry Manager, Mary Lou O'Connell, to help support their efforts to help members of the local community.
Home Page Stories
Home Page News

The following appeared in the June 18, 2014 of The Duxbury Clipper


As residents and visitors prepare for a summer full of activities and adventures, one organization is hoping to bring attention to the plight of those in town who are less fortunate.

After learning about several families in town who are struggling to make ends meet, the Duxbury Rotary Club decided to set up a fund that they would use in conjunction with the South Shore Community Action Committee (SSCAC) to help those in need. The fund, called the Good Neighbor Fund, has been opened at Eastern Bank, and is ready for donations.

Fred L’Ecuyer, Rotary member, said the club was inspired to set up the fund after working with the Duxbury Interfaith Council to raise money for their “camperships,” which help students in Duxbury attend summer camp. The campership program serves more than 90 students each summer.

“While the popular view is that Duxbury is a wealthy town, the fact is that some of our families do fall on hard times,” he said.

L’Ecuyer said the Rotary Club hopes to use funds from their four annual events — the Casino Night, Dance Night, Duck Race, and Holiday par- ty— for the Good Neighbor Fund. The fund is open for donations, which can be made through Eastern Bank, the SS- CAC or the Rotary Club.

When the SSCAC identifies a family in need, they will reach out to the Rotary Club and let them know what the family needs. The family’s name will remain anonymous to the Rotary Club, who will evaluate the level of need and approve the appropriate amount of funds to be given to that family. L’Ecuyer stressed the importance of families in need remaining anonymous throughout the entire process.

“[The Rotary Club] will never know who it is we are helping,” he said. “The point is just to know that someone is in need and provide them with assistance.”


The Duxbury Rotary Club provides a scholarship for a Duxbury child to attend summer camp.
Hi everyone -

Late last night, RYLA student leader Mike Manning of the Bridgewaters club posted the note below on Facebook.  He is reading this in English class today.  I believe it is addressed to you

A Thank You
I made my way into the dimly lit cafeteria, lights centered on the meeting between the people who have changed my life. To my back, the faint chirp of crickets, and as I enter, the buzz of the drink machine which fuels me during these late night excursions. Invited to sit and join, I felt the warm welcome of those I think so highly of. We continue the conversations concerning everything from logistics to why we're even there to begin with. Drifting further into the wee hours of the morning, the camp sound asleep, and the five of us running on fumes, our consciences slip from us as our minds are let loose.
Then it hits me.

At this point it's been just over a year since the beginning of what has easily been the greatest year of my life, and I come to the sudden realization of why I'm in that cafeteria, why Greg, Paul, Beth, and Nikki, are in that cafeteria, why Brooks and Charlie are in the art center, all while everyone else recuperates in bed.
Rotary goes further than “service above self,” and is much larger than a “service organization” of 1.2 million members. Rotary is incredibly abstract. There is no set mold for a Rotarian and it is literally impossible to define one. A Rotarian has a passion – one to help others, one to make a difference. These are people who sacrifice blood, sweat, tears, sleep, nutrition, time. They go to all ends of the Earth, giving absolutely everything they have, as a manifestation of their passions.
Rotarians have the uncanny ability to leave you both inspired and in awe. Their compassion, their unwavering commitment, their sheer strength of will. It is impossible to fathom the levels of these qualities which true Rotarians hold. They have a purity of character like none other, and are unique in almost every way. They do not rest until they feel their duty has been fulfilled, yet they are never fully satisfied, never fully finished. They sell themselves short, yet they give more than one could possibly imagine.

Rotarians have a passion for people – to do right by them. They give a helping hand in a time of need. They lend their heart and soul to something no one else would. They go out on a limb for a complete stranger, fully aware of any risk involved. They are both fearless and shameless, because the thought of failure has little to no effect on their aspirations.

1.2 million of these kinds of people belong to a club. There are millions, if not billions more that exist in the world. They are of both genders, all ages, all professions, and all walks of life. I would not even resemble the person I am today if not for Rotarians. Difficult to define, but easy to recognize, these are the people who have changed the lives of many. These are the people who have transformed my life completely, and continue to do so.

How about you?

Thank You to the Scituate Rotary Club for their generous $200.00 donation.
The Food Pantry lends a helping hand to those in Duxbury and the surrounding communities in need of food.
With that cause in mind, Duxbury Rotary presented the Lion's Club with a check for $500 to go towards the Food Pantry.
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