from Di Campisano
photos at  Chrismont  Winery

Fellowship and Freedom

Last weekend, our stars aligned and we were blessed with beautiful weather and the first weekend of being free. The weekend saw 26 Rotarians and partners head excitedly out of Melbourne for Whitfield. What a winning combination!

Friday night set the scene for fun and frivolity with a fantastic dinner at Dal Zotto Winery in Whitfield. The pizzas and pastas were delicious. Even coming home afterwards was part of the fun, with adventures in the dark, climbing of fences and much laughter!

Saturday morning (not too early) we joined in for a very pleasant stroll down to the King River, giving everyone much needed time to chat and catch up on COVID experiences over the last few months. I’m sure everyone enjoyed this opportunity as much as I did.

For those who had not been to Whitfield before and for those who had, our planned lunch at Chrismont Winery certainly lived up to expectations. Wow! It was the best! Lovely setting, amazing food and the best company.

Our accommodation was spread throughout Whitfield with campervans, cabins, B&Bs and other options. Luckily, Whitfield is a small town so we weren’t too far away from each other. Our Saturday evening get-togethers were based on our accommodation choices so as to respect the wishes of the camping ground to adhere to safe COVID practices. Time for nibbles and more wine!

How did Sunday morning arrive so quickly? For us, it meant a quick trip to Dal Zotto to buy some of that prosecco to take back as a memory of the wonderful weekend.  Then, time for final catch-ups at The Oven in Cheshunt, a delightful bakery and café. We were spread over two sittings. In the early sitting, we enjoyed a final lunch together except for one of us who managed to put his breakfast order in before the 11:30 cut off time!

The weekend was enjoyed by all and I’m sure we will all have lasting memories of our first weekend out of lockdown. The opportunities for friendship and fellowship were treasured with many excitedly talking about when and where the next weekend would be.  A very big thank you to Ian Symons for his outstanding organisation and commitment to making this wonderful weekend a reality.