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The Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam was chartered on 25th January 1949 as the first Rotary Club in Tanzania, East Africa. The inaugural President was Mr J Chenye.

The club is proud to still have a number of its founding members as active members. In Tanzania we have 17 Rotary clubs in total  with over 400 Rotarian members ie 6 clubs in Coastal Tanzania and Zanzibar, 4 clubs in Kilimanjaro and Northern Tanzania, 3 clubs in the lake region, 3 clubs in central and southern Tanzania. Currently 3 new club formations are in the process in Songea, Musoma and Kigoma.

As the first Club, it has chartered a number of new clubs. The Clubs sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam are Morogoro and Stone Town Zanzibar Clubs.

Originally only men could become Rotarians. In 1989 a change to the Rotary International Constitution was made allowing women to become Members. In February 2005, the first woman to be nominated for membership of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam, Sauda Kilumanga, was inducted. Mama Anna Mkapa, the then First Lady of the United Republic of Tanzania attended the induction. Since then the number of women members has steadily increased.

One member of distinction is Sir Andy Chande, Past District Governor and Rotary Foundation trustee.

The Club currently has over 50 members. We are very proud that our membership consists of people from a myriad of races, creeds and religions.