zoom meetings

Information about how to attend Weymouth Rotary Zoom meetings

To allow "virtual" Club meetings, Weymouth Rotary uses a computer program named “Zoom” to hold video based meetings over the internet with members using their home computer, iPad, or mobile phones. Zoom runs in your internet browser on your computer or as an app on your iPad/mobile phone, providing two-way video and audio among people that “join” the meeting.

President Lois starts things off by sending an email that confirms the Meeting date & time, and provides the “Join Zoom meeting” link. Click it !  As you are joining the meeting, you may be prompted with a few questions :

 1) Click “Open zoom US ?” When prompted

 2) Click “Join with Video ?” when prompted.

 — at this point you may be placed in a waiting room, the host will click you in !!!   —

 3) Click “Join with Computer Audio ?” when promoted.

It is good to join the meeting a few minutes before the meeting start time. A “worst practice” is to have new attendees continuously join during the first 10-15 minutes of the meeting. It is disruptive and affects the flow of the meeting.

When you are in Zoom, there is the usual Menu on the Top Left, and a pop-up menu bar along the bottom of the Zoom Window. There are a number of optional settings to explore on the top menu. In particular, enabling “Gallery View” allows you to see a grid of participants. If there are lots of people attending, there will be an arrow on the side letting you scroll to multiple pages of grids to view all participants.

Using your computer video camera or phone, center yourself in the video and be aware of your back-ground. The glare from sitting in front of a window can result in a a washed out image. Have the volume control on your computer/device enabled to hear what is going on.

The Menu on the bottom is shown initially and when you “mouse over” it.  It goes away after about five seconds when you move your mouse away.  This menu has some important options:

MUTE/UNMUTE : This turns off/on your microphone.  As a courtesy to others, you should MUTE at all times unless speaking. Back-ground noise, things as simple as typing, are louder than you would think.  The Moderator has the ability to MUTE you if you are behaving badly ;)

STOP/ START Video : This replaces the video of you with either your name or a thumbnail image. This is handy if you need to step away from the meeting for a minute.

CHAT : This opens or closes a Chat window beside your Zoom view, and is very helpful for asking a question or sending a message to the Host or other participants. The Host will have Chat enabled to watch for messages from people at the meeting.

Stop/Leave the Meeting : On the far right disconnects you from the Zoom meeting.

Misc : Share Screen, Record, Reactions are not generally used. In particular, do not Share Screen as you then blast an image of your desktop to all attendees, and you have just hijacked the meeting ! The Moderator will then have to take certain steps ….

If you have never used zoom, having a practice session with President Lois or Larry before the meeting can help make sure things are configured properly before hand. Note that a browser plug-in has to be installed the first time you join a meeting.

If a private walk-through is of interest to you, just ask !