Our club was founded with the inaugural meeting on May 06th 2002.
The designated member from our founding club, Rotary Club München-Hofgarten was Carlos Tichmann.
Our presidents
Year President Picture Motto
Peter Schillmoeller
2003-04 DieteLueehr  
2004-05 Peter Schulz von Siemens  
2005-06 Peter Wohlrab Serve - serve more - serve better - serve now - with vision
2006-07 Raphaela Stricker Serve with friends around the world
2007-08 Klaus Schreiter Serve above self
2008-09 Frank Sehr Serve with friends around the world
2009-10 Peter Llewellyn-Davies Be Rotary, with your heart and your soul
2010-11 Gabriele Wahl-Multerer Building bridges
2011-12 Ekkart Zimmermann Wisdom is found in those who take advice
2012-13 Michael Vogel  
2013-14 Claas Kohl  
2014-15 Gregor Mathies  
2015-16 Burkhard Gessner  
2016-17 Thomas Eilfort Rotary to foster the future
2017-18 Sibille Vinzens It's about us!
2018-19 Dieter Wegener It's all about us!
2019-20 Hans Geesmann Rotary connects the World